Senso Bluetooth Headphones Reviews – ActivBuds S-255

In this era when we are head over heels, a sort of technology-dependent to get things done and dusted, asking for the best affordable Bluetooth headphones is actually not too much to ask for.
Even a massive mass counting me in will accede to its necessity as equal to the other basic necessities we make regular use of such as smartphone, laptop, wifi, google, and your eyes while reading this.
However, the most satisfactory side of any headset is how it does not limit you for a single part of the use, as merely for a workout or merely for a business.
The manufacturers surprisingly had an idea of sportsmen when they were devising these headphones but guess what, it does not stop here.
If the first half of the populace is sportsmen boasting it then the rest half is people from other fields and areas.
Well, this is the sole fact you are too after these, everyone wants these for any reason or not at all.

What I say is, get into the race of libretto and chatter considering you would not want to be left behind.
For a heartfelt audiophile like me when the arrival of every new ear-set causes a stir in my studio, I love trying what the innovation is up to.
I keep my asset and you will find a detailed record of all the ear-set ranges I have used and abused till date, though abused less.
Known for its durability and sound exposition, how would have Senso S-255 escaped my reach?

Senso ActivBuds Detailed Review – 12 things to Reflect!

Senso is a famous brand all through and with this article, I am setting out and in most sensible words, taking you on the ride to an inside-outside of this ear-set.
There is nothing you will not know after reading this and Ta Daa this is the kind of contentment one must assure before spending even a penny.
1- Design
Outlined exceptionally distinctive in black-red duo, I know the looks matter the most and not to fret, the manufacturer has delicately decked it out.
The ear hooks are reasonably big in size thus it is ultimately good to go for folk with big ears.
Hence a little frown of a drawback for the others whose ears are small and normal.
But this closed-back in-ear style can still manage to cover this not-so-flaw with the right sized ear tip.
For this, choose the size of the ear tip that will be either small or medium and use the ear-set with the same ear tip every time.
It will naturally get into the shape of your ear and there, these are all geared up for a long run.
**For the words of caution, do not allow anybody else to resort to your adjusted size otherwise it may trouble the fit-lock and the ear-set will loosen back to the big size.
2- Comfort
With the shape and plastic material, these may not be very comfortable and a sense of exhaustion or irritation may arise after some hours of constant wearing.
Although these can make up quite a fine session for an hour and a little more with the silicone earbuds.
3- Weight
The weight is accounted to be increased than the previous model.
Nonetheless, the 0.16 ounces are not even slightly any big digits to impart your muscles a wave of pain.
4- Price
Being so prominent in the wake of price just under $30, I must mention, the scheme is to pay less and gain more.
To be honest, the first reason for the people to admire these is, the cost is nothing in return for the quality outcome.

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5- Sound Quality
Succeeding to the price, it is loved for its sound quality with top-notch heavy bass and built-in microphone carrying all the highs, mids and trebles in a functionally-modest way.
The bass will dominate everything else once plugged in for the music, what the deep and what the high!
I always switch my every important call from the mobile phone to the ear-set for the sake of quality and ease of conversation.
Blessings to the engineer who has done a great job to the acoustic drivers, so on-point.
6- Bluetooth
With the Bluetooth v 4.1, the wireless range is 33ft which I recognize as the perfect distance for the usual usage every day.
Additionally, the CVC (Clear Voice Capture) algorithm is developed to be 6.0, a requisite for its better, the exchange of clear voice is possible.
However, the microphone integrated CVC 6.0 with EDR lets you listen and talk in sheer seclusion.
7- Noise Cancellation
It offers a passive noise cancellation but no active noise cancellation.
Consequently, the noise isolation is not as first-grade as the participation of active cancellation could have also done the wonders to it.
But passive alone is also sharing its part of productivity in cancellation still the ambient noise reduction is not fully in charge.
I personally believe experiencing much noise cancellation can be a risk as well.
8- Miscellaneous features
⁃ Equipped with an IPX7 waterproof rating, you can work and run with these on and let the toxins flow on through your body.
⁃ The frequency response range is up to 20 Hz- 20,000 Hz which is an ideal evaluated range as per the sensitivity of the human ears for direct ear-capable sound.
⁃ The control functions are all stuffed in the logo button on the rear of the right earphone. With the click of a button, receive and disconnect, on and off, anytime.
⁃ It does not support the codecs (coder-decoder) such as aptX, AAC, although both being the essentials in Bluetooth headset still does not undermine quality since the bass is enough to take over everything else.

Senso Bluetooth Headphones

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9- Battery
A little investment yields 8 hrs refreshment daily. Off the rocker, right!
So the battery lasts exceptionally for 8 hrs with 240 hrs standby time after a solo charge of just 2 hrs.
10- Accessories
The box conducts you Senso Bluetooth ActivBuds S-255, 3x silicone ear tips (S/M/L), 1x memory foam tips, 2x wire clips, 1x Micro-USB charging clip, carrying pouch, cellphone car mount, cellphone card wallet, and user manual.
While you will need most of the things really hard but a few things are here just to add value to the box.
11- Durability
If a headset does not die of the sound quality, it dies of the sweat entering into the system.
Fortunately, these both sides are lit-sides in this model so, with a little maintenance, you both will have a great time together.
12- Warranty
In this least price, someone rarely gets a cool warranty up to 1 year but here we are, again with this extraordinary factor.

How to connect Senso earphones?

⁃ Put on the ear-set.
⁃ Press the logo button on the back of right bud for 6 to 7 seconds.
⁃ Meanwhile, set ON Bluetooth on your device.
⁃ Search for the active Senso device and click on it.
⁃ Connected. Godere!

Senso S-250 vs Senso S-255

Senso S-250 and Senso S-255 are both out of the way ear-sets with overgrowing demand.
But a small-scale upgrading of the features with the launch of S-255 has spontaneously compelled the users to switch to S-255 from S-250.
The sound quality has been boosted in S-255 than S-250 along with the IPX rating which has also increased likewise.
On the other hand, S-255 model also renders extras accessories in the box, a powerful trick to catch the attention of the buyers.
As I approach forward, the wireless range has also expanded somewhat from 30 ft to 33 ft.
Aiding all these positives, the weight has also multiplied from the former model’s 0.2 ounces to the later’s 0.16 ounces.

As a matter of fact, the only difference both models makes is at first only Senso S-250 was a best-seller and now, Senso S-255 has also joined it in the achievement.

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Winding Up
In broad strokes, Senso S-255 is a cherry-pick amidst the kinds of ear-sets with a high price and average quality, encourage these with low price and relatively good quality.
Be that as it may, these headphones are not in the millionth part a bad investment to make!