Raycon E25 Review : In-depth Review by our Experts

Let’s review the latest member of Raycon family, the Rycon E25 earbuds. In this detailed review, you will get all the information regarding the E25 earbuds, and after reading this post, you can have a clear picture regarding the earbuds.

According to the makers, these earbuds are already purchased by more than half a million people. So, in this way, these earbuds are a massive hit among the audiophiles. But, here we will discuss are these earbuds really worth the hype? So, let’s check out:

Raycon E25 Review– True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Headphones

In this section, you will find the in-depth review of Raycon E25 earbuds. These wireless earphones can work for up to 6 hours, feature a slim and attractive profile, and endorsed by Ray J. But here we will be talking about other features of the device in detail.

Design and Comfort Level

The Raycon E25 earbuds sport an attractive and sleek look. The comfort level and fitment are excellent as well. During testing, these were suitable for both large and small ears. We tested these for more than two hours, and we didn’t notice any sweat problem or itchiness while wearing these earbuds. Furthermore, the E25 earbuds have an IPX4 rating for sweat- and water-resistance.

Battery Life

These tiny black earpieces slip comfortably inside the beautiful charging case which comes with them.

You will get 24 hours of playtime through the case, along with six hours of battery life. It might be less than the others, but it will meet the needs of most users.

You can charge these raycon earbuds in an hour. The standby mode is also handy and keeps them working for quite some time in case you forget to turn off them manually.

Raycon E25

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Bluetooth Compatibility

The Rycon E25 features Bluetooth 5.0, and it is also compatible with HSP, HFP, A2DP, and AVRCP codecs. Pairing is simple and straightforward. You can quickly charge the device by using the included micro-USB cable. You will also get extra ear tips with the purchase.

Noise isolation feature

Noise isolation is the crucial feature of any earphone as it impacts the sound quality directly. That being said, during testing, we found the noise isolation in Rycon E25 earbuds excellent when used on the street. Similarly, in the indoor spaces, these earphones work flawlessly and efficiently block all the extraneous noises.

Call Quality/Sound

Rycon E25 comes with a built-in mic. Call quality offered by these earbuds is decent. However, some of you might argue that it could have been much louder. But overall, we found the call quality nice and clear when answering calls on the Rycon E25 earbuds.

Sound Quality

These earbuds are heavy on the bass and light on the details. The low end of the E25 is robust and heavy. Bass response is also excellent, and it offers relatively energetic sound. Mids are above average but could have been a bit clearer. However, it also depends on the soundtrack that you are listening. The high end is a little understated, and in some notes, it gets a little sharp. That’s why these earbuds are good at bass but not that good for detailed uses. Overall, these will work fine for most users.

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Ear Tips

Usually, earbuds should be placed deep in the ear canal for the best results, but in these earbuds, that’s not the case. These little earbuds are intelligently designed and perfect for those who have small ears. Moreover, these tiny Raycon earbuds weight only 0.02 lbs that makes them comfortable for all ears.

You will also get six tips sizes with the pack, and you can pick any of these as per your preferences. These ear tips can come handy as not every ear canal is of the same size.

Multiple Color Choices

These earbuds are mainly advertised in the shiny black, but these earbuds come in various attractive color options. To be precise, you can opt from blue, gold, red, green, rose gold, white, and titanium apart from black. With multiple color options, we are sure you will find the one that matches your personality.

Innovative Touch Controls

You can simply control these Raycon E25 earbuds just with a tap. These earbuds feature simple to use touch controls. These controls allow you to skip songs, switch to the tracks, or answer calls just with a single tap.


Overall, we will say that Rycon E25 earbuds are bassy and not that detailed. For all the bass lovers, these are dream true wireless earbuds. However, for critical listeners, the Rycon’s earbuds might fall flat.

To summarize, these earbuds are an excellent choice for most music genres, such as pop, rock, and hip hop, but not that suitable for other music genres. The solid build quality and comfortable fitment allow you to use them for hours without feeling annoyed. Available at $79, these earbuds are a wise choice if you are a bass lover.

  • Highly durable manufacturing.
  • Easy to carry around on trips.
  • Excellent sound quality for most music genres.
  • Comfortable fit as these come with six ear tips.
  • Durable battery.
  • Bass can be too heavy for some users.
  • Not suitable for detailed listening.

raycon earbuds Review

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Raycon E25 vs. E55

Both are popular earbuds of Raycon family; however, there are some differences between them. The major differences are listed below:

The E25 is the flagship earbuds of Raycon. These are cheap and the most affordable earbuds in the market. E25 is perfect for daily uses. With the battery life of over 6 hours, you can use them for hours without feeling discomfort. The charging case is well-built and can hold the charge for up to 18 hours. Overall, the sound quality is decent, but these are not the best choice for critical listening.

If you want earbuds for detail and upgraded listening, then go for the Raycon’s E55. The E55 is the updated model of Raycon. In simple words, it is an upgraded version of the E50 model. The charging case is much better and features powerful chipset. Playback is up to 6 hours, along with a battery life of 36 hours. The battery life of E55 is much more than the other Raycon earbuds.

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Raycon E50 vs E55

Raycon’s E55 is an updated version of E50. It is the most updated earbud in the Raycon’s line-up. All the significant flaws that were present in the E50 are not present in the E55, according to the consumer reports. Major differences between the two are:

After analyzing the reviews of Raycon E50 earbuds, the main issues were weak or nonexistent bass. Happily, the makers respond to the complaints, and E55 comes with a high-quality bass in all music genres.

Other than the bass, there are some other differences as well between the E50 and E55:

  • The battery life of E55 is much better than E50.
  • E55 also features a wireless charging function.
  • Another significant difference comes in the charging case of the earbuds. E55’s charging case is highly durable and looks more attractive as compared to the case of E50.