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Hello to you if you have bought Skullcandy headphones but you don’t know the next. The next is to pair it up with whatever device you are using, Andriod or iPhone, both have somewhat a little difference in the steps.

Yes a very slight difference, we have tried our best to make it simple for you.

And if you have been pairing with Andriod for so long but just now you have to switch to the iPhone, the process is not so sharp to make a quick pair.

Skullcandy headphones make the best boredom partner and they last longer too, don’t delay your connection and do it right away.

You are requested to follow the steps below and definitely, there is no need to thank us, at all.

How to Connect with your Skullcandy’s:

The method to pair wireless Skullcandy headphones is quite straightforward to follow. Once you did it the way as described below, you will not need to re-read the thread.

Well, there is a thing to be understood here, we don’t know which Skullcandy model you are keeping.

Some of the Skullcandy models have the same button working for Bluetooth and Power while few may have separate slots for the purpose.

Direct your game according to the button.

1- Turn the headphones pairing ON

So get your Skullcandy headphones in the hand and turn them ON. If the Bluetooth button is separate, turn that ON too otherwise it has already been turned ON with the headphones. Move on to the next step.

2- Turn ON the device

Get the device you want the pairing with and turn it ON too.


Open Settings and get into the Bluetooth bar, turn it ON. Now click on the bar below, ”Pair new device” and wait for your device to pop up in the corresponding list. Once it appears, select it. A confirmation tone or notification may show up to ensure that pairing and it is done.

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Open Settings and get into the Bluetooth option, slide ON it.

Look below in ”Other Devices” for the Skullcandy option and click to select it when it appears. A notification of pairing confirmation may appear and it is done.

Windows 10

First of all, open System Settings and then Bluetooth & Other Devices, click on Show Bluetooth Devices to search for your Skullcandy waiting to pair up. Click when you see and it is done.skullcandy on windows 10

All of these steps for pairing up the headphones with the device are clear-cut exact. However, if you see trouble pairing up or the device does not show up in the list, reset it and then try again.

Hopefully, the issue will be sorted out and the pairing will be done in seconds.

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This is not necessary that every time there is a connection issue, the headphones have to be the hindrance.

You may switch off the other device and then on to make a new trial for the pairing and it works most of the time.

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