My Jaybird X3 won’t turn ON.! A Helping Guide

Just a few months to your new Jaybird X3 and it have stopped working altogether?
I get your concern, my friend.
Even if this is the case, you need to tell your preoccupied mind the number of times until it actually grasps the fact, it is not dead yet and can be fixed in the maximum cases.
With the passage of time and usage of Jaybird, you may observe it dragging power and charging clip issues which fairly can be seen coming if you behave ill towards its maintenance.
Well, I will explain you how you do that being unaware later in this article but before that, let’s work into putting your buds in the position.
I have explored valuable methods to make the headset work and these methods have been confirmed and advised officially by the Jaybird support itself.
Before you set on applying any method, just a little thought, you may not have clean it in a while or since you bought it?
Clean it well and begin.

Factory Reset
• Confirm your earbuds to be powered off or turn it in the pairing mode if it’s not.
• Press down the Power button for straight 8 seconds until the LED appears red and green in the light.
• Push down the Power button twice again. LED may flash and you will hear a double tone(peep). It has been reset.

** If this operation pops up to be successful, you may lose all or any of the paired devices off your device.

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8 Button Process
• Press the Power button 8 times in a row and then let it rest for 5 seconds in between before you repeat the act two times again.
• Put the buds into charging for good 2.5 hours and observe the LED changing color from red to green.
• Again press the Power button for almost 10 seconds to turn it ON.

** If the headset LED exhibit red light as an outcome of the above procedure, must charge it for complete 2.5 hours before you set them to use.

Both of the above-mentioned practices fall into working with the high-end chances, must try these once before you jump on conclusion.

In reference to the ill behaviors I pointed in the beginning, here are some valuable tips or cautionary steps that you should follow to save yourself falling prey to inconvenience.
Being kind, share these tips with your friends too because sharing is caring.

⁃ In case your Jaybird X3 does not charge with your regular charger, try a different one.
⁃ Avoid fast chargers.
⁃ Use a power cord that supplies less than the 1-ampere voltage, so you better connect with your desktop or laptop to assure safe charging.
⁃ Refrain from charging in the car.
⁃ Never charge more than 2.5 hours in a single go or else it can damage the headset for a lifetime.
⁃ To add bulk to its performance as well as to enhance the battery life, charge only when it is low.
⁃ Wipe off the sweat or any moisture adroitly before setting them to charge. Besides being claimed, there are not actually sweat proof or lowly sweat proof.

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In view of collective evaluation, 90 percent of the time, Jaybird X3 catches the charging and power faults.

It may play hide and seek with you like some days it’s a charm and works awesome while the other days, it can withdraw the purpose of your living.
In this case, keeping with the precautions can assist you at large.

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