Jaybird Freedom F5 VS X3 : In depth Comparison & Review

If you’re a sports junkie, you know that sports and music go hand in hand. Whether you’re an expert or a novice, exploring the world of sports/fitness for the first time, music and your headphones are a staple to carry along no matter what activity you undertake. Be it some rock music to blast and pump adrenaline through you while you work up a sweat or some soothing tunes to calm you down post-workout, there is no denying that music adds heavily to the overall experience.

Finding the right pair of headphones that caters to your specific needs is a hard task. A lot goes on in the decision depending upon the features you require in your set. There is the added issue of the market being filled with scammers as well, ready to snag your money.

Jaybird is an esteemed name in the sports-audio industry that creates some of the leading audio devices in the market. Jaybird Freedom F5 and X3 are two of the brand’s top creations which are impeccable for sports/fitness fanatics. Read on for an in-depth Jaybird Freedom F5 VS X3 battle that would aid you in choosing the one that may suit your specifications the best. Both earbuds are designed to work efficiently in extreme conditions thus perfect for any type of sport or workout.


Both of the sets come with additional fins and tips which aid in keeping the earbuds inside your ears. Fins prove to be very helpful during an intense workout. Both of the sets come with a clasp that shortens the cord which then doesn’t interfere while you workout or engage in any sport. The earbuds comprise both the rubber tips and foam tips which further help in diminishing any sounds or noises.

Out of the two, Freedom F5 is lighter and more advanced than X3. F5 has an advantage with the size, this model is really small when compared to others and therefore is even easier to carry around or use during vigorous activities. In the X3 model, some features in the design have been changed including the plastic being silver so that it resembles aluminum. Due to their size, the F5s doesn’t hurt the ear canal as well.

Sound Quality

Both of the models are small earbuds with 6mm drivers and they may not sound as good as the over-the-ear headphones but considering the size, durability, price, and convenience they are some of the best options available. Both models have identical sound quality, parameters and one of the best signature sounds available. The noise isolation feature is commendable in both of the
sets as well. You can also use the Jaybird MySound for tuning the music as the headphones are compatible with all of the Jaybird apps. MySound is available on IOS and Android. You can design your own sound profile according to your tastes and save it or choose from already available templates. For example, you can adjust the bass or treble depending upon the kind of music you’re listening to.

Once you save the adjustments you’ve made, the app would know about all of the specifications of your set. There is an inline remote and mic that is attached to your headphones which helps you in controlling the music or calls without having your phone on you which is extremely feasible during physical activity. Both of the headphones have Bluetooth and an impeccable range.


F5 is lighter than X3. Both of the models share the same response bandwidth of 20HZ-20kHZ, driver size of 6mm, Bluetooth version of 4.1and charging time of 2.5 hours. X3 has the battery life of 8 hours while F5 has the battery life of 4 hours with an additional 4 with the charging clip. X3 has the cable length of 490 mm while F5 has the cable length of 360 mm.

Using these headphones, you can connect to two devices at the same time or two pairs of headphones to the same device, further making the switches easier for you. The Bluetooth connection is extremely good and can stay up to considerable feet of distance.

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Durability and Comfort

Both of the models are extremely durable and can easily last for about 2 years. Both of them are sweat proof. X3 is further water-resistant and you’ll find the headphones working completely fine even after you’ve tossed them in water for a good while. Both sets are perfect for intense activities and will the owner for a long time.

The comfort level depends on each person and what suits them. There are fin tip and earbuds sizes included which can help you adjust the headphones. In case of bigger earbuds, X3 would be perfect as they don’t protrude out whereas F5, having smaller earbuds, is good for the ear canal as well.

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One of the biggest differences between the two is battery life. Jaybird X3 has the battery life of 8 hours which is fairly amazing, considering that’s the average battery life that other headphones have in the sports audio market whereas, on the other hand, F5 has the battery life of 4 hours,
which is a major negative, especially when compared to X3. It can last for an additional 4 hours with the battery pack and if you don’t mind the added weight then F5 can work perfectly for you as well.

There is an added issue of the cradle. You have a cradle with pins instead of a micro-USB directly in the earbuds, to charge your audio device. The upside is that now both of the models won’t have the issue with the sweat or dirt entering the earbuds through the micro-USB port and there will be no problems with charging the battery. The negative is that you’ll have to carry it around along with the headphones wherever you go but it can fit in the same pouch as the earbuds so it’s not that big of an issue.

In a nutshell, both of the models are some of the leading sports/fitness headphones available in the market and do their job the best. However, some areas such as battery life are debatable and you can make your decision accordingly. If your main concern is the size, go with the Freedom ones as they’re smaller and lighter but if your main concern is battery life then go with X3 as it is a clear winner there.