10 Easy Tips to Increase the Life of your Headphones

The headphones or earphones are quite dear to all of us and every time we buy a new pair, we secretly wish to last it longer than we expect and the brand informs us.

However, the headphones are the kind of necessity we usually take less time to get addicted to.

So when the time for switching comes, it is really painful to bear the obvious replacing of headphones and pay extra bucks out of the budget for a new set.

To save you from this inexpressible torment, we have a surprise for you.

How to add Life to the Headphones/Earphones?

No escape from the must-do maintenance tips for any type of headphones/earphones, be it in-ear, on-ear or over-ear, take into account the following instructions if you are hoping a longer life for your dearest set. Period.

If your headphones are wired:

The in-ear headphones or maybe over-ear with wired connection means it has maximum chances of getting damaged before time.

Because the wire has a special breaking point, at the edge, from where the inserting plug is attached with the wire.

And this is the very point you pull out harshly, don’t you deny. We, collectively, have no mercy for it while detaching it from the device.

  • You can also wrap that connecting edge with scotch tape, round and round so that it remain shielded.
  • Wind up the wire into few turns around the finger and then put it somewhere. Just don’t throw anywhere like you don’t care.
  • The best idea is to put the headphones inside a pouch. Well, the manufacturing box pouches do well here, the pouch in which the headphones came to you are intentionally created softer and according to the required space.
  • To double secure the wire edge, seal it with plastic tubing with the help of a lighter. This is somehow a technical and smarter tip that can actually boost the life of headphones.

Clean your headphones:

This is super mandatory to add life to the performance and longevity cycle. To learn the basics of cleaning headphones and complete guide, click here.

Unplug them after use:

So after every use, detach the headphones right away as leaving them plugged in the device is a bad practice which happens to reduce the efficiency of the headphones.

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Avoid when the battery is low:

You know transferring music is actually the transferring of waves and it kind of requires the power or energy.

When your device is charged, it is capable of providing the ample energy proposed for the process.

But if the device (laptop, smartphone, etc) has a low battery, the transferring becomes super heavy and leaves a bad impact upon the source i.e., your headphones.

Manage the volume:

Have mercy on your ears- keep a limit for the volume you make your ears used to. The loud music is equally as bad for the headphones as it is for your ears.

Provide mid breaks:

Let them rest for a while and avoid continuous usage. With the constant engagement of power and waves, the competence of headphones persists in the struggle. Whereas, when you stop for a while, the heavy engagement ceases and it works better the next time plug it in the device.

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Save from water:

No matter how much the company boast of the headphone’s safety resistance against water, there is always a risk. If you are inclined to heavy as well as rough exercising and so the sweat comes down really fast, take breaks here too.


Though every headphone set comes forward with a pattern of cautions to look after the stability, while some may not.

But these points are inevitable to take charge of and can go with every headphone type in every situation for the best outcome.