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How do you Reset Wireless Earbuds – Headphones Radar

If you are facing problems such as Bluetooth® connectivity, audio, and sound distortion with your earbuds, resetting the earbuds can solve all these issues. Resetting the wireless earbuds is also effective and recommended for sound dropouts, and disturbed connectivity. In almost all cases, the resetting pattern for earbuds is pretty much the same. However, there […]

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How to Fix Earbuds When only one Side Works

Having a pair of headphones/ earphones/ earbuds make you prone to watching your earphones getting faulty from one side every now and then. The enjoyment is disturbed with music flowing from only one side while the other side yearns for it and misses the balanced audio distribution. As this is a common problem, it can […]

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How Wireless Headphones Work – A Perfect Guide

If your device (most probably the smartphone) does not support the headphones plug, though it rarely happens. It does not mean you can’t enjoy the use of headphones ever in your life. It just means you can’t relish the benefit of wired headphones but wireless is still there. And here’s a tip, whenever you consider […]

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