How to wear Earbuds Correctly – Tips for a Comfortable Fit

The most irritating thing in the earbuds is that they keep falling frequently, and most times, we keep adjusting them after every minute. If that’s the case, this post is perfect just for you!

The fitment of earbuds is not the same for everyone. For some people, fitment is not the issue because their ears are shaped in such a way that fitment automatically becomes proper. But for some people, the earbuds won’t stay firmly in the ears.

With that in mind, we have come up with these awesome ways of wearing the earbuds, and if you wear in these ways, your earbuds will stay firm in your ears and won’t fall even when you are jogging or running.

Why Earbuds Fit Matters?

There are many reasons why the proper fitment of earbuds is vital. To fully enjoy the sound quality of your new earbuds, the ear tip must seal your ear canal. A poor fit of earbuds may result in:

  • Improper bass
  • Hollow sound effects
  • A loose fit can result in earbuds falling out of your ears.
  • A poor fit can result in soreness.

How To Wear Earbuds Properly For Better Fit

This might seem a bit odd, but actually, there are many users that wear earbuds in the wrong way. However, you can always learn the correct way to use earbuds.

Following are some simple steps that can provide optimal listening experience and enable you to wear your earbuds in a proper way:

Step 1: Identify the sides of earbuds

The first step is to identify between the right and the left side of the earbuds.

Mostly, earbuds have labels of R, and L. R indicates the right side, and L indicates the left earbud. If your buds do not have any sign, you can wear as per your convenience in any ear.

This classification of sides is important because if audio is directed to the right side from the left or to the left side from the right side); it will come out in that particular way. So, it is vital to wear the right earbuds in the right ear. And if you wear it wrongly, the sound won’t be synchronized with the footage.

Step 2: Keep the buds behind your ears!

Always wear both earbuds from behind your ears and, at the same time, keep them at the top of your ears. To be precise, the wire should rest over the cartilage area. And keep the speakers in your direction.

Step 3: Try the loop

Always remember to stretch out the earbuds in a forward way. By doing so, you will get adequate wire length. This step might feel absurd to most users, but it will keep you free from the unwanted hassles of listening.

Step 4: An ideal fit is crucial

Needless to mention that not all earbuds have the same size or shape; so, not all earbuds are designed for you. Some earbuds will work for you, and some will not. So, if you feel any issue while using or inserting the earbuds in your ear or you feel pain, this is not the pair for you. Mostly, earbuds come with changeable tips. If you have changeable tips, try the different versions, and look for the one that suits your ear and fit flawlessly.

Step 5: Prevent yourself from wiring hassles!

Ensure that the wires are appropriately tucked in your bag or pocket. No wire should be snagging on anything while you are working, walking, driving, as it can be a serious risk. Besides, it will not let the wire from getting moved frequently. This will prevent unwanted vocal intervention and other issues.

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How to Wear Wireless Earbuds

The benefits of using wireless earbuds are many. You can pair them via Bluetooth, and there are no wiring hassles in wireless earbuds. Here is the best way to wear wireless earbuds.

Step 1

Try out different models of the earbuds before making the purchase and don’t compromise on the fitment. This is because the ear canal of every person is not the same. There is no universal size of the earbuds. In this case, comfort should be your top-most priority. Normally, men have a larger ear canal than women.

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Step 2

Once you have found the right fit, put the buds in the ear firmly. Here you should check that the sound should be transmitted effectually inside your ears. Here, we will advise you to twist the buds after putting them in your ear. If properly fitted in the ear, wireless earbuds will also block the unwanted noises from the outside world.

Step 3

Now, pull it over the earlobes so that it remains tightly sealed in your earbuds and keeps them firmly in place. After putting the earbuds in both ears, pull each earlobe from the other hand. It will create extra space in your ear canal. Lastly, press the earbuds until you can by using your index finger.

Step 4

Next and the most important step. Clean out the wax from your ears. Moreover, earwax building up in your ear can change the shape and size of your ear canal. And if you don’t clean the wax, it will result in an improper fit or might slip from your wear.

Step 5

Next, and the last step is don’t move your jaws too much while wearing the earbuds if possible. It mainly depends on your jaw’s shape and proximity of the ear canal. Frequent or continuous closing or opening of jaws will make the earbuds lose. So, keep your jaws still as much as you can when wearing the wireless buds.

Similarly, if you chew a gum or ear a snack when wearing the earbuds, the earbuds can get loose or slip out of your ears.

How to wear apple earbuds

Most users have no problem keeping the apple earbuds, whereas some users complain that their earbuds keep falling out even with the slightest movement. So, below is the correct way to wear your apple earbuds.

Keep the wire loos and hanging around your ear and keep the wire downwards. This will allow for minimal bass, and as the earbuds are not actually placed in your ears, you can hear the outside noises around you.

Next, place the earbuds in your ears in a way that the speaker is facing forward. This will maximize the bass and curtail all the unwanted noises of the outside world.

You can also place the earbuds in your ears with the speaker facing at the back. This way of wearing apple earbuds is suitable for those who want a rich bass. Moreover, if you wear like this, it will drastically decrease the treble.

Regardless of the speaker’s position, don’t forget to twist the earbuds. It will prevent sound leakage and provide a better fitment, and you will get an equal bass and treble.

For the best sound quality, place the earbuds in your ear with wires towards your head. It is the most stable wear method, and if you like to use apple earbuds while jogging, this is the best way to wear apple earbuds. You can also turn the earbuds upside down and wrap the wire around the ear for additional firmness and security.

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Wear Apple Earbuds with Hooks

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Another option that will cost you some bucks is to wear Apple earbuds with hooks. You can loop them over your ear so that the earbuds will stay firm in place.  These silicone attachments will prevent the wires from jostling around.

This is perfect for those who like to use earbuds while running or jogging.

These unique silicone attachments are specifically designed for Apple earbuds. These are affordable, and you can get them in 10$ to 15$ bucks.

These silicone hooks are handy in keeping the earbuds firm and comfortable in your ears. However, these hooks are not designed by Apple themselves.

How to wear Samsung earbuds

Here is the correct and the best way to wear your Samsung earbuds.

  • Before wearing the Samsung earbuds, check that you have attached the ear tip and wingtips to them.
  • Next, check the direction of both earbuds. The right earbud comes labeled as ‘R,’ and the left earbud comes marked as ‘L.’
  • Now, put them into your ears facing upwards. Here, check out for comfort.
  • You can also adjust the earbuds if needed by rotating or twisting them.
  • There is a built-in touch-sensitive sensor in the Samsung earbuds, so it will automatically detect that you are using the earbuds.
  • Then, you will notice a beep; this means that you have worn them correctly.

Note: If you don’t hear the beep, it means that the sensor is not working, and as a result, earbuds will not work. In this case, you can use the wingtips or change the earbud tips.

How to wear earbuds with ear hooks

Wearing the earbuds with ear hooks is simple. Here are some tips for wearing the earbuds with hooks in the most appropriate way:

The first that you must keep in mind while wearing the earbuds with hooks that they should not stretch over your ears.

Furthermore, most earbuds come with ear hooks and silicone covers. Try out different sizes so that you can get the best fit for your ears.

Now, place them into your ears gently, and twist if needed. Put the Right bud in your right ear, keep the wire downward, and the Left earbud in your left ear.

Now, twist the earbuds and ensure that the hook goes under the lumps of your ears. You will notice when it is placed rightly. The ear hooks will keep them in the place even if you are jogging or running.