How to Connect Wireless Beats to iPhone, Android, Mac or PC

Beats by Dr. Dre is another sensational cum inspiring youth treasure these days.

It has been on the track of sound success since 2006 and in association with the high-end Apple company since 2014.

All it takes from these headphones is a valid connection for the smooth roller coaster ride of music besides regular chit-chat, we all be asking for any time.

Though you may have been told the connection method a number of times; however, a stepwise guide enables the mess-free application.

But I tell you, it’s as easy as pie.

A wide range regarding Beats headphones is offered such as Beats X, Powerbeats, Beats Solo and Beats Studio.

All of these are the only one of their kind, all of these are worth trying.

This wide range can then be connected with almost all the tech gadgets which can serve you the daily listening experience.

Pretty cool in the wireless compatibility, these are going to be your last brand switch, you will stick to these for good.

I’m saying this because it happened to me.

As with the sound, it is concerned, the ideal brand, Apple itself, makes sure to not let you complain about the uneven quality.

In addition to its benefits, the battery life is next champ and also the comfort you would not help yourself drooling over.

Not bragging, the massive mass of its users are Apple users since they somehow receive it alongside the Apple device they purchase.

Therefore, I will be putting a detailed focus on the iOS procedure first with the tips and thoughts right there and then the other gadgets.

Learn and make others learn, take a full hold on the science to impress your lifestyle.

What reasons can hinder the connection?

By and large, the more-than-enough interspace betwixt the headphones and the to-be-connecting device is the primary obstacle if the connection is taking the time or not happening altogether.

Since the encouraged distance is around 30 feet in maximal, you should more likely keep these both quite near and within the range to boost the connection.

Other than the above mentions, the supplementary reasons can be a low charging of either device.

As well as the presence of many other electronic items may also distract the signals to work on both parts, i.e., headphones and device.

Wireless Beats Connections:

Before you want to connect your Wireless Beats headphones to any device or gadget, the first step will always be to turn them ON, if they already are not.

In simple words, what we may call as, the universal and sensible step.

However, their life, in the true sense, starts after the connection is made.

Let’s have a reading walk to the different types of connections you may need to learn right away.

Beats Connection with iPhone iOS 10:

  • Turn ON your Beats wireless headphones by click holding the Power button for 5 seconds.
  • Confirm it’s enough charging.
  • Bring the headphones and iPhone device closer enough to ensure the signal waves move.
  • Click the Power button once.
  • Wait for your iPhone device to show the notification for the confirmation of connection.
  • Follow the instructions on the iPhone device.
  • Connected!

** This method, in iOS range, is for iOS 10.

** Once connected successfully, the next connection will be automatic because it saves the device.

** If your iPhone device is iCloud-enabled, the headphones may also be connected to another list of connections you have made on your iCloud such as Apple Watch and iPod, etc.

** If the connection notification does not prompt up in one go, click hold the Power button for 4 seconds at least. Repeat if there is still no action.

Beats Connection with iPhone iOS 11:

  • Turn ON headphones by pressing the Power button for 3 to 5 seconds.
  • Confirm the charging enough for the connection.
  • Open the Control Centre on your iPhone device. To do so, swipe the screen to upward from downward.
  • Look for AirPlay icon. It will be either in the Audio card or along AirPlane, Bluetooth, and Wifi icons.
  • Click the AirPlay, search for your headphones in the popped-up list.
  • Select. Connected!

** The Control Centre may also appear by swiping the screen from upwards to downward on some of the latest iPhone models such as iPhone X.

If you are a user, you better know it.

** In the next connection, you don’t need to repeat the procedure. The headphones automatically tend to connect to the last connected device within wireless range when turned ON.

** No matter which iOS update you are using, for connection, you only need to locate the list of connections (already made or to-be-made) in Control Centre or Settings. The rest is just a click and it is done.

** In most or initial cases, the iPhone system itself provides you with step-wise instructions once you turn ON the Bluetooth.

wireless beats connections

Image Credit: Youtube

Beats Connection with Android:

  • Make sure to charge both headphones and the Android device.
  • Locate the Power button.
  • Click hold the Power button for 5 seconds to turn ON Bluetooth.
  • Turn ON Wireless, Network, and Bluetooth on your Android device as well.
  • Click on Pair New Device.
  • Search for Beats wireless in the list and click on it.
  • Connected!

** The old models of Android devices may take a little more time while pairing, every time. Be patient.

** Keep repeating the procedure if the connection lags.

** In other cases, you can switch off your Android device and then turn ON to observe the improvement.

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Beats Connection with PC:

  • Charge your headphones well.
  • Click hold your Beats wireless for 5 seconds.
  • Search Bluetooth in your PC search bar associated with Windows or Cortana.
  • Click Add Bluetooth or other device.
  • After refreshing, the available options will be shown.
  • Search for Beats wireless and click on it.
  • Notification of connection pops up.
  • Connected!

** Keep refreshing the PC system until the connection is made. It quickens the application.

Beats Connection with Mac:

  • Make sure if both devices are well charged.
  • Turn ON the Beats wireless Bluetooth by click holding the Power button for few seconds.
  • Turn ON the Bluetooth of Mac from System Preferences.
  • Search for the Beats wireless option on Mac popped-up list.
  • Click on the Beats wireless.
  • Connected!


Beats wireless headphones boast up to 8 hours to 40 hours of playback time which is an exceptional music treatment in one go, that too after minimal hours of charging.

Note: The battery timing of different Beats models varies, some have much while some have less. It all depends on the model you opt if either it is Beats Studio, Beats Solo, or PowerBeats, etc.

Missing the Beats’ music beats?

Quick change for 5 to 10 mins to enjoy a full 2 to 3 hours playback.

How to Charge?

  • Connect the headphones with a micro USB cable or Lightning cable you received along with the headphones in the box.
  • Plug the cable in Power socket.
  • Let it charge.

How to know if it is charged?

Once plugged to charge, you will see the Fuel Cell flashing.

As long as it is, just know the headphones are still charging.

Once all the five lights stay still, your headphones have been charged. Plug it off.

Tip: Do not let the headphones overcharge as it affects the battery quality bit by bit.

The Aiding tips:

With the following tips to observe, the game can be fastened with you just picking up the right tip at the right time.

  • While connecting, maximize the volume of both devices beforehand, this step has been perceived to make the pairing quick.
  • In case nothing else works, reset the headphones and try again. Click hold the Power and Volume down button simultaneously for 8 to 12 seconds until the Fuel Gauge appears or the LED light indicates.
  • To play or pause the music, click the b button when used as wireless and press the RemoteTalk cable button when used as wired.
  • Normally, a lot of headphones reconnect to the last device you paired. However to connect a different device, search the name of the device in the list of available options.
  • You can also use your headphones in wired mode, depending on if the set allows, by using the cable called RemoteTalk. Most of the people I know do it when they are running low on the battery.
  • Always keep a thorough check-balance on the upgrading of Bluetooth drivers as ”the latest is greater”.


Once put into the proper working, I bet you are going to get used of it.

You will not live without your device and your device will not live without these headphones. Pretty fair and square. Isn’t it?

After a single smooth connection, the later connections are totally breeze and thus nothing can stop you from enjoying your Me-time.

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