How to Clean Earbuds and Headphones – A Perfect Guide !!

Half of the day slips off the hands watching videos on the internet as well as a maximum portion of the night in listening to the new favorite song on repeat, this calculates precisely the necessity of earphones for this generation.
As for the natural human system, our ears have been shaped to create cerumen or what we say in easy words, earwax.
This materializes even more on the nail when a heat is engaged in respect of some contact and this is all that happens when we put in the earphones inside our ears.
This article will discuss at large about the method to dirt-free the earbuds and how important is it to provide the cleaning services every now and then.
Though gadget cleaning is as important as personal cleaning and most often these frequent or infrequent cleaning sessions decide the shelf life of such technical devices.
Besides, how gross is it to use the old dirty earphones again and again thus directly providing room to invite a variety of infections.
So the advice is to pay some effort to the cleaning now than to pay fees to the doctor later.
A good idea, right?

The essentials:
• Cotton pad
• Liquid soap
• Warm/lukewarm water
• Rubbing alcohol/ alcohol wipes
• Toothbrush (soft bristles)
• Toothpick (optional)

Before I began you with the processes, I want you to recall throughout, be gentle.

In-ear earphones:

  • Withdraw your earbuds from whatever black hole you threw it last time.
  • At first, just pat clean it with a tissue paper if any dust.
  • If it has silicone tips, remove them and put in a bowl with a fusion of soap and water for a few minutes.
  • Until then, brush the earphone mesh gently and consistently. Practice the same twice on both earphones.
  • Take a toothpick and put its tip slightly in the holes of the mesh to bring out any wax residue inside of it. Do not force too much of the tip inside the mesh or else you may damage it absolutely.
  • Now take a cotton pad and spray some rubbing alcohol over it. Wipe the earphones mesh with it.
  • Wipe the wire also.
  • Take out the silicone tips and let the set dry in a clean and dry place.
  • Settle the silicone tips back on the mesh when dried.

On-ear and Over-ear headphones:

  • Separate the ear pads carefully.
  • Take a cotton pad and soak it in rubbing alcohol or soapy water, gently rub the cotton pad on both ear pads inside out.
  • Now tenderly caress a clean dry tissue paper on the ear pads to absorb the dampness.
  • Place the ear pads aside to perfectly dry.
  • Pick the headphone exterior and dab another cotton pad into rubbing alcohol or soapy water and massage it all over the neckline and the corners. Take a toothbrush and rub it in the inner side of headphone neckline.
  • Pat dry it similarly to the ear pads.
  • Put it aside to dry.
  • Once dried, put the ear pads back on its place and enjoy.

** Stow two or three packets of silica gel in a bag or case where you keep the headphones after use or most of the time to as it helps in absorbing smell and dampness.

** There is another trendy and technical headphone cleaning method, an instrument actually, in the market.
And it is a hearing aid vacuum cleaner.
It simply manages to pump out all the humidity and dirt particles including the oily earwax off your headphones with a single suction attack that too within seconds, with the bonus of ease and reliability.
The following are some of the best-recommended vacuum cleaners you can find for yourself

  1. Serene Innovations HC-200 Professional Hearing Aid Vacuum.
  2. Jodi Consumer Hearing Aid Vacuum Cleaner.
  3. Nicolarisin Handheld Vacuum Cleaner.

What is Rubbing Alcohol?

Rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol is antibacterial liquid in nature beneficial in removing claggy fungus, harmful germs, and stubborn debris.
You can get it easily in any pharmacy or supermarket store and one must have this in home as it is of great use.
Get your hands on an unscented (90 % isopropyl alcohol) that dries faster and keep it with you for occasional cleaning in every few days.

clean earbuds

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**If you don’t want to use it, go for soap plus water.

Tips and thoughts:

⁃ Operating someone else’s earphones/headphones and lending them yours is a terribly bad idea. I suggest, you better stay away from this conventional give and take practice.
⁃ Do not employ the same tools next time, like discard the toothpick and cotton pad, and sanitize the toothbrush.
⁃ Unplug the earphone cable by holding the plugging loop and do not pull it rashly through the wire.
⁃ Avoid keeping the earphones tangled every time and arrange them in a well-mannered form before placing them anywhere. Get yourself a nice handsfree case.
⁃ If an earphone/headphones case is unavailable, arrange the handsfree in order and wrap in a clean tissue paper and then keep in bag or pocket.
⁃ Make sure to clean the earphones/headphones really soon after a rough and sweaty workout session.
⁃ Change your silicone ear tips/ ear pads once or twice every month depending upon the extent of usage.

I bet you are going to take full hold of pleasure when you will use the earphones exactly after cleaning them and drying of course.
Yes, you cleaned them yourself, that feeling!
Nonetheless, along with the earphones and headphones, keep your very own ears hygienic too.
That’s how to play fair on both sides to save the ears as well as sound quality.

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