10 Things to Consider before Choosing Right Headphones for You

Did your last headphone set remain unsuccessful in staying up to the mark?

That’s because you picked it up out of context.

Just acknowledge, having a headphone set is not as cool as having the right headphone set, the sentiment to invest in something that turns out to be so valuable is rather superior to invest in something that later turns out to be a complete waste.

We all know and believe, the headphone set is just like a smartphone, two gadgets, two separate needs, yet we consider the features of a to-buy smartphone more gravely than a to-buy headset.

Why even?

I will call it out loud as silent hypocrisy.

It’s better to understand your needs than to be enrolled in the disappointed group of people who hurry first and cry later, for heaven’s sake.

Why is it necessary to contemplate over the right-headphone-type for you?

Admitted to the reality that we are infinitely getting impatient towards everyday choices and decisions as we are growing, but we are also getting critical to the question, why we need it?

Once this question is answered, the next pop up readily, how we need it?

Therefore, our very needs and demands, lie in the answer to this particular question.

We need headphones, a little more in this era, but we don’t know which specific type can serve our craving better.

To unfold this perspective, I have written down some pointers or steps to make you ponder upon your personal approach and finally figure out the winner.

You must have heard, It is useless to cry over split milk, because relatable.

How to Choose Headphones that are Right for you?

The response to this query can be as plain as you already know your inclination or as problematic as you are yet to discover your intention.

Well, to solve this mystery in case you have not reached a conclusion so far, consider the following steps as puzzles that you will put to the place one by one to finally get your hands on the outcome clue, an ideal headphone set.

Be mindful of what you are resolving for because it will help you in selecting a genuine product that is up to the standard of your interest, by reaching the end of this thread.

Step I: Settle for the Need

Before anything else, ask yourself, for what objective precisely you want to own the headphones in the first place?

Music: If music is the motive, you need to have the set with hi-def drivers, extreme bass, ANC, and the maximum frequency range. It does not stop here because encountering your likeability for music genres is equally crucial. The frequency response range also works contrarily for each music genre if we drive a little deeper. So decide if it’s country, jazz, hip hop, rock, or classical that endeavors your attention when music is the topic.

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– Exercise/ Sports: If you are seeking a pair as a fun partner, just know that it will involve a lot of action plus activity thus triggering sweat directly. Therefore, the headphones should be IPX sweat-resistant. In addition, the size should be compact to your natural physical cut to stay on point throughout. The earbuds are the ones to be relied on majorly in such a situation.

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– Audio Production: If you are an audio artist and dealing in music professionally, the right to own the headphones is extraordinary on your part. Not just the headphones but the quality-charged headphones are to be considered here since the music is to be examined critically and in detail.

Step II: Settle for the Type ( Size)

This is a valuable puzzle that fits right in the beginning, you can’t fit others without fitting it first.

– In-ear: The in-ear headphones usually suit people of all ages, available both in wire and without wire. If you easily get irritated by wire clutter, choose wireless earbuds or else you can go otherwise. The silicone ear tips stay smooth in your ears for longer periods of usage.

– Over-ear: If you want to feel the idea of using a headphone set, the prominent and full-form feel, opt for over-ear headphones. If the foams are soft and plumply, the comfort does not make any issue.

– On-ear: The studio artists, in general, prefer to use on-ear closure as the usage lasts for numerous hours handily.

Step III: Settle for the Portability

This factor matters in the long run, we are clumsy and ease seekers by birth, keep in the notice.

– In-ear headphones can be kept in a pocket, in the bag, everywhere. You can carry them anywhere and for all users, be it random or official. These are lightweight as equal to no weight at all.

– Over-ear and around-ear headphones, on the other hand, requires a special case or box to preserve the sensitivity of the headphones. You just can’t throw them anywhere to find intact later. There is somewhat weight of both of these closures that can be felt on ears.

Though, whatever the type of headphones, all are supposed to be dealt with carefully the level of portability is reliable in in-ear headphones.

Step IV: Settle for Wired or Wireless

The wired or wireless option is openly available in all types of closure- in-ear, over-ear, and around-the-ear.

In case you go for wireless, make sure, your potential headphone set should have a high Bluetooth version to make up the best of music transmission.

Whereas, if you can handle the tangles of the wired set, you are good to go likewise.

Though if the use is serious and one-place, to avoid connection as well as network hindrances, consider having wired because the sound transmission would be flawless.

Step V: Settle for Noise Cancellation

This particular puzzle is to be put next to the puzzle of ”nature of the use”. If you are a person who is buying for a random everyday use, your expectations for non-interruption would be unmatched to the person who has professional dealings in the back.

So if you are an office person with so many meetings to be conducted through the headphones, you will appreciate the fact that the discourse leads out smoothly.

If such is the intention, look for a superior level both Active plus Passive Noise cancellation factor.

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Step VI: Settle for the Battery

A mentally and physically occupied user should not settle for battery any less than 15 hours. Your work will be maximum than the spared time to charge it. The continuous calls to be engaged and the meetings will not dispense you enough breaks to fill the fuel of the headphones.

On the contrary, if you are having a headphone pair to listen to your favorite track pretty on and off, you can charge the headphones at night to use the full other day or charge in the full day to make use at night. The maximum battery required for this session of enjoyment is 8 hours.

The wireless headphones run out of energy way faster than the wired. So if you fear running out of battery, incest in wired headphones beforehand as a backup.

headphones power

Step VII: Settle for the sideways Support

And by sideways support, I mean the devices you may want to attach your headphones to. Most of the headphones pair better with Apple devices than with the Android, this aspect can cost you much later if you find out that your device is not sufficiently compatible with your headphone set. Draw all the measures beforehand to have considerable control over the connecting system afterward.

Step VIII: Settle for the Accessories

Who on Earth would say no to the extras?

Absolutely no one. A headphone does not work alone, but with some cables. If your box has these, well and good. If not, jump to the one that has.

Plus, as a record, to name the face of the accessories, your box should have a pair of additional ear tips, must-have.

Step IX: Settle for the Budget

Depending upon the closure and wired or wireless stage selection, the price of the headphones may vary.

Remember that the wireless headphones are way more expensive than the wired headphones and you can actually buy two wired headphones sets in the budget of a single wireless headphone set.

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Step X: Settle for the Warranty

As once a wiser said, the warranty is essential when the product is technical. You can’t always trust the machines to pay back you the equivalent as you paid for them. Plus, you also can not trust the hype for something created by the audience until and unless you utilize-to-examine it yourself.

The better the warranty if it exceeds a year, the best the warranty if it exceeds a couple of years.

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By now for sure, I hope the 95 percent of your facts and figures would be clear and definitely an evident image of what should be bought.

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