How to Fix Earbuds When only one Side Works

Having a pair of headphones/ earphones/ earbuds make you prone to watching your earphones getting faulty from one side every now and then.

The enjoyment is disturbed with music flowing from only one side while the other side yearns for it and misses the balanced audio distribution.

As this is a common problem, it can be avoided to some extent and we will explain to you how in this thread.

But the technology experts reveal this fact that the manufacturing companies intentionally put this fault inside the wiring system that triggers the trouble in just a few mishandlings.

However, the mission behind this mindset is to compel the buyers to keep buying the product after some time and this is smart and wicked at the same time.

Why is only one of my Earbuds Working?

Reason 1: You drag back the wire rashly out of the audio slot.

We are used to pushing and pulling the wire in the slot and out of it pretty unconsciously so we least pay attention to the force we are usually using while dragging the wire back out of the slot right after the use.

This is when the weak wiring inside the wire gets short and stop transferring audio waves to one of the ears.


So whenever you are done with the use of your earphones or wired headphones, remove the wire from the slot carefully by picking from the wire jack and not from the wire alone.

Reason 2: You don’t use it the right way.

There are always some ethics to use technology gadgets that ensure their shelf life. If you don’t adhere to the precautions, you will always be in loss.


The right way to use the earphones is to never let the wire bent near the jack.

You can avoid this by not fixing the mobile phone on your stomach while lying and not leave it tangled so that the wiring near the jack does not receive the pressure and cause a short.

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How to fix the Earphones at Home?

Quick fix:

Right after you detect that one side of your headphones is not working properly, you can engage them into a quick fix but this fix might not last too long as expected and sometimes just a day or two.

You need:

Electric tape


  • Plug in the earphone jack in the mobile.
  • Put both sides in your ears.
  • Turn ON the music in your mobile.
  • Start bending the wire near the jack at different positions to locate that one position where the faulty side transmits music just fine.
  • Once you locate that position, hold on to it.
  • Ask someone to give you some tape while you carefully hold the wire.
  • Attach the tape on the adjusted position to keep it that way.
  • Now you can enjoy your earphones as long as they allow you.

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Long-term fix:

This is an expert formula for fixing the earphones yourself and it can easily last you a good number of months if you start handling with care afterward.

fix earphones

Things you need:

  • Wire stripper
  • Wirecutter
  • Masking tape
  • Solder gun
  • Liquid glue gun
  • Shrink tubing


  • Cut the wire from the jack of your earphones in a way that the jack gets separate.
  • Now strip the wire shielding of the earphone wire from where you cut the jack.
  • Do this with the help of a wire stripper and do not cut the wires inside the shielding.
  • You may observe four wires of different colors and one may be wrapped with a copper lining.
  • Switch the solder gun into the socket to heat it so that it can be prepared for the action.
  • Now carefully rub the solder gun with the rear end of each of the four wires to melt the detailed shielding.
  • Take a moderate piece of shrink tubing and pass it from the wire.
  • Now attach the four wires back to the end of the removed jack. You can also buy a new jack from the market but prefer using the old one.
  • Place the four wires one by one at the end of the jack in this manner: Red, Green, Gold, and Blue and put the solder gun on this attachment to fix the bonding.
  • Take the glue gun and spread some glue on this attachment of wires and jack.
  • You can also do this with the masking tape in case you don’t have a glue gun.
  • Let it dry.
  • Now bring the shrink tubing over this fixed attachment and melt it on this position with the help of heat through the lighter.

Note: You need to be extremely careful while doing this because the hot solder gun can also burn your hands and leave a bad mark if it comes in contact with your skin. If you are a kid, it’s better to involve an elder for this process or you better buy a new pair of earphones than going through this procedure.

In case the problem is in the speaker of the earphones and not in the jack, you need to go to a professional electronics repairer as fixing the speaker is not as easy as fixing the jack.

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How to deal with branded earphones?

If you are not using local earphones or headphones, you can land on to a better solution than adjusting or repairing by yourself.

The brands always provide a warranty on their products and some brands are kind enough to provide the warranty individually on the products.

So check the manual card and know if you can make use of the warranty and get new handsfree.


The best idea is to invest in a good pair of earphones and also follow a set of precautions to strictly avoid this situation in the first place but if you still get into it, we just covered you well.

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