6 Easy Ways to Connect Wireless Headphones to Any TV

Do you want to examine the functions of your old or new TV?

Because same!

I suddenly thought of connecting my wireless headphones to the TV because I saw my friend doing so.

Just for the sake of experience, I wanted to try this process so badly that I was in search of any reliable method I may find and I will go running after it.

The imagination of me sitting and watching TV with the sound directing towards my ear in the headphones was a cool stunt.

Though this method serves the best purpose at night when everyone is sleeping out there and you too probably, at least trying.

You suddenly have an urge to eat something and you ask yourself, what will I do while eating?

We are born multitaskers. Aren’t we?

So yeah TV is there and a great food partner too.

Making sure your enjoyment of eating and watching does not have to disturb others’ enjoyment of sleeping, this is when you consider the safest methods of connections.

Well, I just told my story, whoops.

I believe even if the TV has a slightly or greatly older model, there is still a chance that any of the following methods may work out for you.

The connection can be made, you just have to figure out which one to go for.

Some TV’s have a built-in Bluetooth enabled in it that makes the connection fairly easier, the other ones require a short-cut. Let’s discuss all of them in detail one by one.

How to connect wireless headphones to TV?

1- TV’s built-in Bluetooth

The first and foremost credible strategy for connection should always be the built-in Bluetooth, TV’s Bluetooth.

All the latest TVs usually have Bluetooth options facilitated into it. You can locate it yourself easily in the Manual section.

Though if you are troubled finding it in the latest model of your TV, it does not mean your TV lacks this feature. Not at all.

In the very situation, the Menu Code may help you dearly to find out the Bluetooth settings of your TV.

Since every brand has a different manual code, check the card of your TV that you got inside the box along with the TV. If the card does not contain the menu code or if you lost access to it, search it online on the brand’s official website.

Open the website and put the name of your TV’s brand as well as the model no. to extract the particular menu code.

When found, use it on your TV to get the admission to the TV’s settings and turn ON the Bluetooth there.

Once you are successful in stimulating the Bluetooth on your TV, switch it off to switch it on again, and make the connection Okay on both sides.

The next time you want to reconnect, you don’t have to repeat the entire procedure, just turn your headphones into pairing mode, select the device and it’s done.

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2- Bluetooth Audio Transmitter

As the name suggests, the audio transmitter is used to transmit the audio from the TV to the headphones in your ears.

Doing so, the audio transmitter works as a Bluetooth, a shortcut Bluetooth we may call it.

The audio transmitters can be bought easily anywhere in as minimum or as maximum price you may think of.

However, the expensive ones may last quite long and vice verse is the case with the cheap audio transmitters.

Invest once and invest in quality so that you can enjoy its availability for a longer span, that should be the approach.

This transmitter needs to get charged before the use and we have to enter it into the TV jack.

The best audio transmitters, however, are the ones that support two-way transmission where the quality of the sound is not compromised.

3- Media Streamer

A media streamer is a secondary device that you may use along with the TV.

If this secondary device supports Bluetooth, you can instantly connect the headphones with the streamer instead of the TV and it will operate as an audio transmitter.

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Apple and Android TVs are a breeze to connect with, though not to forget the Roku remote control too.

Apple TV

* Get your Bluetooth headphones.

* Turn these ON into the pairing mode.

* Go to Settings on your Apple TV.

* Click on Remotes and Devices.

* Click open Bluetooth then.

* Find your headphones in the list of available devices for connection.

* Select it. Connected.

Android TV

* Make sure your Android TV is capable of Bluetooth connection.

* Turn your Bluetooth headphones into pairing mode.

* Go to Settings on your Android TV and then open Bluetooth.

* Let your headphones get into the list and then select it. Connected.

4- Roku

If you have a Roku app installed, well and good, go for private listening.

It is an easier method where you just need the Roku App on your device and connect it with the headphones, wired or wireless.

Otherwise, you can also plug your wired headphones into the Roku remote.

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5- RF wireless headphones

RF stands for Radio Frequency and it also has a second name as Dedicated wireless headphones.

By RF, it means that the transmission of audio is made through the signals within a particular frequency range. Though the RF headphones hold on a range as maximum as 300 feet straight which is a massive coverage.

It is a great option to consider if you have to sit right in front of the TV or anywhere quite near the TV, in the same room or area maybe.

This is because the job of the RF headphones is to attract the signals of any electric device that is present within the range and if you use it to listen to the audio at a greater distance, don’t ask for the clear quality of the audio.

If any other method doesn’t work on your TV, RF headphones will work for sure.

The best part is, these are not so costly, get yours and attach it in the TV’s audio output jack.

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6- Infrared wireless headphones

If RF is not your cup of tea, meet it’s a substitute that is an Infrared wireless headphone set.

The purpose and the operation are the same but these ones are somewhat superior to RF in the sound quality and are definitely a pro that you should try.

The transmitter here is also attached to the TV’s audio output jack and the rest is the process of signals.

A single transmitter can simultaneously go for multiple headphones with uncompromised sound quality, what else is needed than?!


We hardly use the headphones other than the gaming sessions and regular music dose, but this is a great way to put them into action.

Plus, a strategy not to disturb others, we all need to implement this.

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