How to Connect Wireless Headphones to Computers

Most of the time the laptop is not available and we don’t want to use the mobile phone for a break of enjoyment. At such times, we realise, oh we have a PC too. An old movie that has been there for many months but you did not watch or that old game, your favorite one, you almost forgot to play it for a long time now.

This is the best time to cherish the old memories as well as to make some more, the wireless headphones are here to make the sound familiar with the picture.

But do you know how to connect? Learn today.

Connecting Bluetooth Headphones to a PC and MAC?

The following are the processes for safe connection step by step, cheers!

For PC

  • Get your wireless headphones: So in the first step, get your headphones in your hands and turn them ON. But do check this beforehand that your headphones are fully charged to serve you or not. Because the low battery may cause irregularity in connection in some of the headphones and you may be the one suffering.
  • Click on the Windows: At your PC, you may see a Windows logo right at the end of the taskbar. The icon itself looks like a window too.
  • Click on the Settings: After opening the windows, you may find the Settings option located in the left column. Click to open it.
  • Click on the Devices: In the settings, there will be an option of Devices, click on it.l next.
  • Click on the Bluetooth & Other Devices: Right after opening Devices, your eyes will meet the option of Bluetooth. Open it. Click on the icon of + and then open Bluetooth. Put your wireless headphones in the pairing mode. When the connection will proceed, a notification may appear on your PC’s screen or in the list of the available devices. Select your device through it. The headphones will be paired and now you can enjoy!


  • Get your wireless headphones: So in the first step, go and get your headphones out in your hands and turn them ON too. Make sure these are better charged and the battery is enough to you some time.
  • Click on the Bluetooth: The screen will be showing you the Bluetooth option straight there on the right side. Click to open it.
  • Click on Open Bluetooth Preferences: The pop-up list would have this option in the end. Click on it.
  • Turn on the pairing mode: Later then turn ON the pairing mode of your wireless headphones and wait for the Mac device to catch the connection signals. When the name of your headphones appears, click on it to Connect. Enjoy!

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How do I connect my Bluetooth headphones to my computer?

How to improve the performance of headphones with PC?

The tip for this is, before you connect the headphones, turn up the volume of your PC from low to either at least medium or complete high, adjust as per the need later.

This should be done in the case if the volume level of the PC is already too low or else you can simply refresh it again once for the sound clarity.

What makes the connection of the wireless headphones and PC reliable?

Well, if your PC is making trouble with the connection, it may be due to the unavailability of A2DP in it that is, Advanced Audio Distribution Profile and that is a Bluetooth profile. In case you are intending to make a connection soon, check out this feature beforehand.


I hope the connection on your part would remain smooth after following the strategy as mentioned above. Make fun!

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