3 Easy Ways to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PS4

In gaming, any passionate gamer will agree on the fact that how the apt sound system has a direct productive effect on the pictorial moves.

The both make sense together and not the one alone.

As with it, you may also experience many of the surprising sound hits in a game with headphones on that you may not observe or have observed otherwise.

Additionally, it is quite unfair to vex the family with heavy gaming sounds anytime early in the morning or late at night.

Because an excited gamer has no timings or plans, the session can be made anytime anywhere, any part of the day.

It just happens with a wave of craving and the very next moment you are right in front of the big screen.

To keep your business staging ahead, limited to your own mind, eyes, and ears, a pair of headphones is suggested.

Now the problem arises, Sony, owner of PlayStation since 1994, does not support PS4 to be connected with headphones.

However, our tech minds do not bound us to these hindrances.

We have the ability to find a solution when it comes to our passion, and when passion is genuine.

Though not all devices are unsupported, some out of many works completely fine.

Fret not the rest, we have brought you to use a number of shortcuts to not let you stop.

How to Connect Headphones to PS4

Connection with Supported devices:

Congratulations to those who’s device support the connection, here is a quick connection guide for you.

⁃              Bring on your headphones and turn them ON.

⁃              Turn ON your PlayStation.

⁃              On your PS4, go to ”Settings”.

⁃              Click open ”Devices” and then click on ”Bluetooth Devices”.

⁃              The scanning starts, here appears a list of ready-to-be connections on the screen.

⁃              Skim through the relevant name of your device.

⁃              Click. Connected. Celebrate!

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Connection with Unsupported devices:

As far as the real problem is concerned, the unsupported device may still be connected with some helping tools.

Following are the helping tools, you can try any of the shortcuts you may think to work for you.

ShortCut 1: Audio Cable

If an audio cable came along with the headphone set, you are blessed. This audio cable will also last for longer than the ones you buy in single.

Otherwise, you can invest some little right now.

Make sure it supports a built-in microphone, you know, the sound production needs it.

⁃              Bring on your headphones and turn them ON.

⁃              Attach both the modes- headphones and PS4 through the Audio Cable.

⁃              On your PS4, click open ”Settings”, then ”Devices”, and then ”Bluetooth Devices”.

⁃              Quick search your device name and select it. Connect.

⁃              In the same settings, click open ”Audio Devices” and then ”Output Device”.

⁃              Now click ”Headset Connected to Controller”.

⁃              A few options below is a ”Volume Control”, maximize it. Keep it between medium to high.

⁃              Right below is ”Output to Headphones”, click it and then ”All Audio”.

⁃              Connected. Try your luck.

ShortCut 2: USB Adapter

It is an easily available trick.

If you don’t have it yourself, your brother or any other family member at the home would have for sure.

Borrow fast.

⁃              Attach your USB Adapter with the PS4. It has a specific USB slot, insert there.

⁃              Bring on your headset and turn it ON.

⁃              On your PS4, open the ”Settings” and then the ”Devices”.

⁃              Find ”Audio Devices” and click on it.

⁃              Click open ”Output Device” and then ”USB headset”.

⁃              Open ”Volume Control”, maximize it.

⁃              Connected. Try your luck.

Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PS4

ShortCut 3: Dongle and Wireless Microphone

⁃              Bring on the headphones and turn them ON.

⁃              Attach the Microphone in the PS4 Controller and Dongle in the slot.

⁃              Bring both devices close together.

⁃              On your PS4, open ”Settings”, then ”Devices”, and then ”Audio Devices”.

⁃              In ”Audio Devices” has ”Input Devices” on the very top, click it.

⁃              Click on ”Headset Connected to Controller”.

⁃              Right below it is ”Output Devices”, click it and then ”USB Headset”.

⁃              In the same list is ”Volume Control”, maximize the volume.

⁃              Later click on ”Output to Headphones” and then ”All Audio”.

⁃              Connected. Try your luck.


After a successful connection, the rest is all about gaming, fun and these both unlimited.

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