Bose NC 700 vs. QC 35 II : In-depth Comparison & Honest Review

Bose has been leading the marketing values in the face of its headphones exceptionally and the consumer demand has never reduced as well.

Bose less and BOSS more, there would hardly be a single person who says himself to be a music lover and claims not to try Bose for the basis.

Sometimes, you may get distracted between two products from the same brand as you get troubled in choosing between two products from different brands.

You can say, similar is the situation here today, as the potential audience is having a hard time deciding the ideal between Bose QC 35 II and Bose NC 700.

Therefore, we took your request to present the things clearly quite seriously and here we are, with the review you have been waiting for, lately.

Both models stand above in the Noise Cancellation features and also in dual- wired and wireless connectivity.

Go through the twelve attentively observed pointers one by one, analyze your needs from the product and draw a definitive conclusion at the end with us.

Bose QC 35 II VS 700 – Which Is Better?

We picked each model for a good time to evaluate what it is up to and came with the following conclusion, for your convenience. I hope you would not mind thanking us at the end, after all, this detailed comparison review is going to clear up all of your confusion plus questions regarding products.

1- Comfort: Honestly, I have used both for equal days and loved both equally too, in terms of comfort of course. Though I observed this fact gravely that QC 35 felt somewhat softer and plumpy than NC 700 but anyway, I may be exaggerating about the former for no reason here.

2- Noise Cancellation: NC 700 seems to lead here because when I tried both, turn by turn, in the same environment, NC 700 did it extra well. To make my observation even valid, I was consistent enough to repeat the examination. So after two testings, I can independently say that NC 700 provides better coverage in noise cancellation than QC 35.

3- Battery: Boasting the battery timing up to 20 hours by both, you don’t need to draw the differences here. At one trait, we knew, they will match equivalently and you get to admire both whatsoever.

4- Sound: Since the chief priority of any headset is to be boss in the world of sound, I played my favorite tracks on both of the models. Therefore, NC 700 came out to be more noticeable in each tune and I really enjoyed the difference between both, with NC 700. As far as bass is concerned, again, NC 700 dispenses a little more strength here. Though QC is still not less than any I am sure, both hold a minor but definite difference in the performance. So if music is all that you are looking up to, yes, NC 700 is your direction.

5- Control System: The Controlling of QC 35 is now a little extra rapid in responding back to your needs in comparison to the NC 700. You just touch and it goes beyond in fraction, feels superb to the attention. You would love it even more if you don’t stick to just one track and keep switching. The NC 700 is closely better too.

6- Design: NC 700 boasts sleeker structure over QC 35, even though QC is great too in terms of beauty. Still, I found 700 more impressive and I was moved to hold it. If you are professional and have to take these with you everywhere you go, rely on the looks of NC 700 time and again. Later on, you may feel the model 700 visibly light than QC 35 and it is a significant point to think about. They both are flimsy nonetheless but QC 35 is a bit of vigilant than NC 700. You decide, what do your ears want while you want a pair of headphones?

7- Strength: As we praise 700 for the varied outward framework, let’s now talk about the inward strength of both. You know the QC 35 has been manufactured with power that speaks for the durability in length. No matter how harsh and hard time you make your QC 35 undergo but it will last, it will actually do, in comparison to NC 700. In case you are planning a decade with this headset you intend to buy between both, QC should be in your mind for a suitable reason.

8- Maintenance: Both of them reach you in carrying cases which means securing their abilities is simple. You can fold them after use and it is done for the time. Varying in the way of folding, NC 700 fold flat while QC 35 folds into the inside.

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9- Phone Calling: I have mentioned above for 700 to be more sensible in the Noise Cancellation aspect than the QC 35. If it is in the domain of music and just listening to music, QC 35 can compensate for the core of this lack. On the other hand, if you are intending for official uses where calling is important, QC 35 here does not seem to compensate properly so yeah NC 700 is best in canceling the noise on both ends. Therefore, not only you but the person on the other side will also be easy in listening to you without any disruption.

The microphone of 700 in this case, also proved to be more reliable and I can’t help but appreciate NC 700 for everyday use.

10- Connectivity: Both of these models entertain wireless connectivity and are great in this factor, very clearly. However, to be precise a step further, NC 700 being dominated with Bluetooth 5.0 in comparison to QC 35 with Bluetooth 4.1 indicates that the former must be steady in faster connections than the later.

Though side by side carrying the availability of 3.5mm jack, you can use both in wired connection if you feel so, even greater so far.

11- Voice Assistant: We go beyond to get the smart feature of the device, be it any. In this case, QC 35, after all, seeks to receive a compliment over NC 700. The Google assistant of QC 35 is superior in performance and during our testing, it just succeeded to win our hearts. In simple words, the Google voice assistant of QC 35 was more obedient and responsible for the handed-over tasks than 700.

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12- Price: All I can say is, the diversity is not easily accessible these days. As they say, you get what you pay for, the NC 700 is $50 dollar expensive than QC 35. Though the high price of NC 700 than QC 35 is not really the ideal justification of its good quality and brilliant sound staging. It is actually great in performance and this is what compels an audiophile to record the difference between both. All in all, it’s okay to pay a little extra if you are keeping high expectations or you can go straight to the QC 35 with no question to your selection.

Final Verdict:

It is not right to belittle one thing directly from the other. We believe every user has different preferences and we get to respect in regard.

Both of the models, Bose NC 700 and Bose QC 35, are efficient in general.

If you are a beginner in the interest, any of these is going to get along your needs pretty well.

Though the competition arises when your expectation arises.

For hardcore users, as the competition becomes essential, generally mentioning, NC 700 is best in fulfilling the average needs that you ask about high time.

Personally, I enjoyed using or testing both. I would not have attended a second thought to each of them, in comparison, while selecting to purchase.

Both of the models hold good market positions and the company also undertook equal responsibility for better output by both.

All in all, NC 700 is a loved headset of serious customers.

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