10 Best Bluetooth Headsets for Truck Drivers – Trusted Reviews

A truck driver normally undergoes a heavy job though as heavy as the truck itself.

He drives and drives constantly for hours on the roads that do not seem to end any soon.

Hence in all these hours, he can have a sudden intense urge to make a call somewhere, attend the call from the manager, and kill boredom.

But unfortunately doing so counts against basic rules of driving when one is supposed to focus on the road and handle the steering.

Once hands down to reach the phone and there, a little carelessness can have really bad consequences both for himself and the other mob proceeding on the road.

Honestly, amidst all this chaos, does not he deserve a little fun and rejuvenation while leading towards unending routes?

And here we know, the deficiency is to be made through a wireless Bluetooth headset.

Help yourself in choosing the ideal headset:

A trucker or the friend of a trucker may not be well aware of the points to look upon when a decision of purchasing or gifting the headset is made, so we are here, like forever, to sort out the case with our logical cum useful tips and advises. The following are what you need to consider again and again until you get one.

1- Noise Cancellation

You know, if you are a truck driver, you are naturally going to spend quite a period of your life driving.

And when a truck is driven, it produces the kind of loudness that draws you deaf to the words of other person as well as the opponents may also suffer from the listening difficulty.

This is because the pitch of truck noise  will be higher than that of your voice.

So you better opt a headset that claims to be perfect in noise blockage, the one with higher CVC.

2- Comfortable to wear

Now, for instance, what if you purchase a headset that brags of its high-quality sound but when you wear it for more than an hour, your head spins with waves of pain because it is too heavy to be constantly on the head.

It is, therefore, necessary to consider a lightweight headset that does not feel like wearing a crown.

Remember, uneasy lies a head that wears a crown.

3- Sound Quality

All the qualities apart, this should be a priority. I must say, always because this is what the headphones were invented for.

You thought to buy a headset because you had to talk and listen.

Ultimately the sole purpose behind the purchase is the sound.

Don’t fall prey to the idea that an expensive headset will have exceptional audio, no, it can be otherwise too.

4- Bluetooth version

The signals are optimistically lead through the Bluetooth so, better the Bluetooth, better the range.

You can secure as low as V 2.1 and as high as V 4.2. Anything between this is okay to have.

5- Price

As a matter of fact and representation of universal fact, you pay the price for the embedded qualities.

An extremely good headset can be found under $100 to $200.

However, if your budget is low, there are many under $50 and even $30 with the optimal results.

Lastly, it is not the price that should decide the product but your needs.

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6- Need

Many people prefer a single-sided in-ear headset while many drools over the single-sided behind-the-ear headset.

Besides, there are still some who choose to run after double-sided over-the-ear headset or headphones.

Here, you must not make the selection because of particularly designed looks of behind or over the ear but your need and what keeps you easy with the wear.

Reviews of Top 10 Bluetooth Headsets For Truckers

Mpow Pro Trucker Bluetooth Headset/Cell Phone Headset with Microphone4X Noise Cancelling technology, Multifunctional, Flexible headband, Omnidirectional microphone, Lightweight, Affordable, 12 Hrs Talk TimeCheck Price
Sennheiser Enterprise Solution SD Pro2 ML Double-Sided Multi Connectivity Wireless HeadsetActiveGuard technology, Adjustable,Ultra Noise-Cancelling Microphone, Excellent sound quality, LightweightCheck Price
Plantronics VOYAGER-5200-UC (206110-01) Advanced NC Bluetooth Headsets SystemIPX4 Sweat-proof, Dual microphone, Decent noise-cancellation, Comfortable to wear, Lightweight, 1 year WarrantyCheck Price
Kissral Q13 Wireless Sport Bluetooth Earbud (One Piece), BlackHD microphone, Lightweight, Bluetooth Version 4.1, CVC 6.0 noise cancellation, Built-in HD microphone , Cheap, Noise-Cancellation, 120 hours standby timeCheck Price
AMINY Bluetooth Headset Compatible with Android (Updated Version)Built-in HD microphone, Noise cancellation technology, Economical, IPX6 Waterproof, Lightweight, Hi-Fi Music Sound, Super clear voiceCheck Price
Mpow EM1 Bluetooth Earpiece, V 4.1 Wireless Headphones (One Pcs, Two Charger), BlackBluetooth Version 4.1, Lightweight, Comfortable, Detailed sound, Built-in microphone, 18-month guarantee, 6 Hours PlaytimeCheck Price
Jabra WAVE Bluetooth Headset- BlackMultiUse functionality, Wind noise protection, Voice Guidance, DSP technology, Noise reduction, Lightweight, Crystal clear soundCheck Price
BlueParrott B450-XT Noise Canceling Bluetooth HeadsetRange Up to 300 feet, 24 hours talk time, 96% noise cancellation, Comfortable, HD voice quality, Voice memo recorder, ComfortableCheck Price
Jabra SUPREME Bluetooth Headset -BlackActive noise cancellation, Voice Guidance, Portable, HD voice, ComfortableCheck Price
NoiseHush N780-11911 Over-The-Head Multi-Point Wireless Bluetooth Headset220 hours Standby Time, Talk Time 13 hours, Range 30 feet, Good noise-cancellation, Perfect sound quality, Good dock station, Easy to use, Cost effectiveCheck Price

1- Mpow Pro Trucker Bluetooth Headset/Cell Phone Headset with Microphone

** Best affordable headset for truck drivers.

Mpow Pro headset lands immaculately into in-budget criteria making it a wise cum thrifty pick just under $30.

De facto how binding it is for truckers to earn and save for their family back.

Pull out in any of the 3 get-at-able colors of black, blue, and pure black.

This over-ear Bluetooth 2.1 headset reinforces a 300 degrees rotatable microphone to let you regulate the direction of your comfort in regards to keep a hold of clear voice for the opposite party.

Literally, your heart will beseech to involve this cool-chic headset into part of your driving, a feeling that is spongy and smooth on a tiresome and rough route.

With that said, the headband incorporates a single side ear pad that has volume buttons and LED indicator modified on its rear.

Simply vent out your hectic routine of driving continuously on roads calmly to your loved ones accompanied by commanding noise cancellation.

Added to it, it contributes 200 hrs standby time with 12 hrs talking time and takes not more than 2 hours to charge requiring 180 mAh battery capacity.

The headphone offers a 2-years warranty and 45 days money-back guarantee for the sake of security.

The frequency response is 2.402 to 2.480 GHz and 10m is the range.

However, it can be paired with two devices concurrently. Plus, it is compatible with as many gadgets inclusive of the laptop, tablet, and smartphones.

The decision is pending upon you for if you want a crystal clear sound and premier performance, you should not be leaving these headphones from your side.

⁃              Dimensions: 6 x 6 x 2 inches

⁃              Weight: 4 ounces

Open the Box and Get:

Mpow Pro headphone, USB charging cable, and user guide.

Mpow Pro Headset

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  • Affordable
  • Noise-canceling technology
  • Multifunctional
  • Flexible headband
  • Omnidirectional microphone
  • Lightweight


  • Not for music

2- Sennheiser Enterprise Solution SD Pro2 ML Double-Sided Multi Connectivity Wireless Headset

** Best quick chargeable headphones for truck drivers.

Sennheiser wireless double-sided headphones have been engineered to assist employers besides truckers.

Well, the reason behind it greatly lays hold of a bulk of the functions it presents that you will explore as you proceed.

It fits well and adjusts itself to the size of the user, control your meetings from home and boss from the truck. Valid enough!

The noise-canceling aided rotatable microphone brings and transfers vividly detailed sound with the absented interruption.

The device costs under or around $180 for the ease it is bound to provide.

With DSP, you will not find yourself complaining about its quality ever.

Cut the call right away by pressing the backlit button, its easy man easy.

It covers a wireless range up to 590 ft and can even connect 4 headsets with a single base station for conference calls.

Charge completely in a maximum of one hour and control the world around you.

⁃              Dimensions: 6.3 x 6.5 x 6.3 inches

⁃              Weight: 1.59 pounds

Sennheiser Wireless Headset

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  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable
  • ActiveGuard technology
  • 2-year warranty
  • Excellent sound quality


  • Bad mute
  • Quite expensive

3- Plantronics VOYAGER-5200-UC (206110-01) Advanced NC Bluetooth Headsets System

** Best noise-cancellation headset for truck drivers.

Plantronics Voyager headset as hinted through the name, a truck driver is a real-life voyager and these are designed for a hero fond of traveling by heart.

The noise-cancellation works efficiently and the chances are high for the other party to ask you if you are genuinely around the trucks on the road because it will only convey your voice and barely the back noise.

Perfectly fabricated into a behind-the-ear design, it can be employed on either ear.

The price ranges under or around $120 which is a bit extra on the budget but this is how you can expect of the good quality.

Though the extended talk time has been estimated to be 7-hours, you can promptly link it with the provided charging case when the battery seems to run out.

It is compatible with the Windows as well as Mac Operating system so you are free to affix your headset piece with any of these two.

It pays careful attention to the sound performance but when dealt with failing signals, reconnect the headset with the device.

However, the maximum proffered wireless range is marked to be 98 ft which is quite less compared to many other headphones out there.

The company promises to deliver a 1-year limited warranty on this model.

⁃              Dimensions: 5.5 x 2.3 x 3.7 inches

⁃              Weight: 0.64 ounces

Open the Box and Get:

Plantronics Voyager 5200 UC Bluetooth headset, charging case, and user manual.

Plantronics Bluetooth Headsets

Check Price and Rating on  Amazon


  • Lightweight
  • IPX4 Sweat-proof
  • Dual microphone
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Decent noise-cancellation


  • Poor sensors
  • Minimum wireless range
  • Little expensive

4- Kissral Q13 Wireless Sport Bluetooth Earbud (One Piece), Black

** Best easy to use earbud for truck drivers.

Kissral wireless earbud has been designed for sportsmen and this is where it is judged better to be strong enough for a truck driver to endure harsh and heavy conditions while driving.

You can lay your hands on this ergonomically shaped earbud just under $20 in color: black.

Though customized with all in all functions on its rear in the form of a button including power and headphone indicator, and charging point, everything is in your ear from sound to controlling.

The one-piece Bluetooth earbud has been fostered with V 4.1 which additionally supports HSP, HFP, AZDP, and AVRCP.

Along with other features, it delivers 8 hrs talking, 120 hrs standby time and 6 hrs music time with a single charge up to 1.5 hr.

Cheers to the no pain, no swelling and comforting adjustment in the ear.

⁃              Dimensions: 0.6 x 1 x 0.5 inches

⁃              Weight: 0.64 ounces

Open the Box and Get:

Kissral Bluetooth earbud, 2x Charging cable, 1x ear caps, pouch, service card, user guide.

Kissral Wireless Sport Earbud

Check Price and Rating on  Amazon


  • HD microphone
  • Lightweight
  • Cheap
  • Built-in HD microphone
  • Bluetooth Version 4.1
  • CVC 6.0 noise cancellation


  • Poor service
  • Lives short

5- AMINY Bluetooth Headset Compatible with Android (Updated Version)

** Best comfortable earphone for truck drivers.

Aminy Bluetooth earphone bolsters up an updated version of 4.2 with an incredible wireless engagement to continue calls and encourage far away connections this way.

It retails hardly under $30, another handy set for people who prioritize the budget.

Encompassing two batteries for both right and left sides, each one brings in 8 hr talk time that makes composite 16 hrs talk time.

Anyhow, this active application stands in need of a minimum of 1.5 hr to the maximum 2 hrs charging.

The noise cancellation property productively lends a hand in the smooth sound performance on both sides yet boosted with built-in HD microphone.

It will manage any hard weather conditions such as rain and heavy wind during driving since it involves waterproof capability and ensures secure and comfortably fit lock in the ear.

The earphone is compatible with smartphones, tablets, laptops, TV, and MP3, you know it is built to last long while administering ease.

Taking into account your security, it presents a 1-year warranty and 90 days money-back guarantee.

⁃              Dimensions: 2.4 x 0.4 x 2 inches

⁃              Weight: 0.48 ounces

Open the Box and Get:

Aminy Bluetooth earphone, 2x batteries (R/L), ear tips (S/M/L), USB charging cable, carrying pouch, user guide.

AMINY Bluetooth Headset

Check Price and Rating on  Amazon


  • Lightweight
  • IPX6 Waterproof
  • Economical
  • Noise cancellation technology
  • Built-in HD microphone


  • Basic design

6- Mpow EM1 Bluetooth Earpiece, V 4.1 Wireless Headphones (One Pcs, Two Charger), Black

** Best portable earbud for truck drivers.

Mpow EM1 is a small piece of power with microphone validation to pass the hours without being aware of it passing.

With its embedded properties, it’s a natural product to own for everyone who has to manage things around the clock.

The maximum range is 33ft and it goes well with compatibility into the devices of Android, iOS, and tablets.

You will be charged not more than $20 with updated sound and lasting presentation.

You can justify the productivity it is bound to deliver yourself with its Version 4.1.

It manages to let you absorb in 6 hrs playtime accompanied with 150 hrs standby time at a cost of 1 hr charging. Listen to music, handle office, vent to the family, gossip with the friends, you will love it.

Put this mini earpiece for hours without a single wave of pain as it is comfortably fit and perfect for all ear shapes.

Live for two connections in one time and it also supports AD2P.

The sideway provided warranty is limited to 1.5 yr along with 45 days money-back guarantee.

⁃              Dimensions: 3 x 2.5 x 1 inches

⁃              Weight: 0.16 ounces

Open the Box and Get:

Mpow Bluetooth in-ear earphone, 2x magnetic USB charging case, carrying pouch, ear tips, user manual.

Mpow Wireless Headphones

Check Price and Rating on  Amazon


  • Bluetooth Version 4.1
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Detailed sound
  • Built-in microphone


  • Lives short

7- Jabra WAVE Bluetooth Headset- Black

** Best battery headset for truck drivers.

Jabra Wave headset with microphone draws in a handful of functions that makes it stand above all.

Priced for $180, you should better look at the features and not the amount.

As for the truckers undergoing severe weather conditions in the middle of vacant roads to connect back and report the track, it is one of the best product to deal with all kinds of situation.

To manifest the above statement, it has proper wind noise protection and noise blockage.

In addition, the first-rate stunning behind-the-ear looks is yet another reason for it to deserve a chance.

To bestow you with the comfort and results is all this brand is working for.

It supports EDR, SCO, eSCO, and even the Sniff mode.

Thus it can be connected to 2 devices and paired with 8 devices simultaneously.

However the maximum wireless range to be discovered is 33ft.

At the end of the day, you get to appreciate 6 hrs talk time and 192 hrs standby time.

⁃              Dimensions: 3.2 x 7.2 x 1.4 inches

⁃              Weight: 2.72 ounces

Open the Box and Get:

Jabra Wave headset, extra ear-gel, windsock, USB cable, user guide.

Jabra Headset

Check Price and Rating on  Amazon


  • MultiUse functionality
  • Wind noise protection
  • Voice Guidance
  • DSP technology
  • Noise reduction
  • Lightweight


  • Poor manufacture support

8- BlueParrott B450-XT Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headset

** Highly demanded headset for truck drivers.

BlueParrot B450-XT Bluetooth one side headset waves back innovative sensations when you put on the crown, I mean headphone.

It retails under $100 sparing you a mass of roles either it is listening to music, get ting GPS directions, and attending the calls.

Isn’t it one in a million product for truckers? I believe it.

With the microphone, inform your manager the distance you have covered or how long it will take more to supply the stuff carried in the truck aided with noise blocking feature.

Big ears? Fret not!

It has soft and comparatively big ear pad for non-fatigued and hands-free experience on the go.

The maximally offered Bluetooth range is up to 300 foot.

Not two, not three, you can pair it with as many as eight devices. Cool, right?

What else? You can also transfer your audio into the smartphone.

Enjoy 24hrs talk time with the company of 500 hrs standby time in return of 3 hrs charging, requiring 300 mA battery for overall operation.

But wait, you are advised not to charge it while on call.

Last but not least, this Blueparrott headset carries 32-ohm impedance, 47 dB/Pa sensitivity, and 20 Hz- 20,000 Hz frequency response.

⁃              Dimensions: 9 x 7 x 2.6 inches

⁃              Weight: 12 ounces

BlueParrott Headset

Check Price and Rating on  Amazon


  • 96% noise cancellation
  • Comfortable
  • HD voice quality
  • Voice memo recorder
  • Comfortable


  • Little expensive
  • Heavy

9- Jabra SUPREME Bluetooth Headset -Black

** Best durable headset for truck drivers.

Jabra SUPREME headset comes handy in two colors of black and silver though black is more pushed for.

It features an attractive look with 24mm speaker to dominate performance over beauty.
Further, the over-the-ear headset has no weary effects as it has soft cushions for the right place.

The noise cancellation and wind reduction technologies present the kind of sessions where you easily listen or speak single word besides shaky driving on the roads.

Feel an overwhelming sense of clarity in sound through HD voice and it is portable too so you can fold and carry it in your pocket.

The device supports A2DP and also allows 2 connections per session.

⁃ Dimensions: 4.5 x 6.8 x 1.7 inches
⁃ Weight: 5.6 ounces


Check Price and Rating on  Amazon


  • Active noise cancellation
  • Voice Guidance
  • Portable
  • HD voice
  • Comfortable


  • Terrible fit

10- NoiseHush N780-11911 Over-The-Head Multi-Point Wireless Bluetooth Headset

**Best single-ear headset for truck drivers.

NoiseHush N780-11911 in black is a new tech sensation in the realm of headsets and needless to say, it is admired.

It involves Bluetooth version 2.1 which can easily handle all the services through it.

However, it’s cost is under $60, quite pocket-friendly.

This over-the-head headset presents wireless bonding between you and your caller under one sky.

As claimed, the noise blocking aspect will not let your important conversations be troubled with unwanted background noises.

It offers a goodly 13 hrs talk time and 220 hours standby time, who would not adore it then?

The compatible devices range in as many of the models from iPhone and Android.

It bears 75 dBm sensitivity, 30 ft range and 2.4 GHz- 2.4835 frequency response.

⁃              Dimensions: 5.9 x 5.5 x 2 inches

⁃              Weight: 1.6 ounces

NoiseHush Headset

Check Price and Rating on  Amazon


  • Cost effective
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Good noise-cancellation
  • Good dock station
  • Perfect sound quality


  • Poor manufacture support
  • Lives short


Ask a trucker and he will tell you, music and conversations are the ways to keep those long deadly traveling alive.

And the peak of ease is to be involved in this happiness without involving the hands.

Take help above and pick your ideal companion for the work.