Best Workout Headphones of 2020 – In Depth Guide & Reviews

Are you fed up of being slow and sluggish? Because same.

It’s about time I wanted to lose some kgs but I lacked motivation.

I used to go to the gym daily but could not focus on the task because spending a few hours daily in working harder was too exhausting and I could not take up to more than some minutes.

Then one day I saw a friend exercising with the headphones on and he seemed too consistent with the process. That’s what triggered me and I did not delay the purchase then.

The next day I was there with my headphones and I practically learned the change before and after.

You must be curious about those kgs, yes those have been defeated and I, being the satisfied exerciser suggest you too to get in the lane as soon as possible.

The struggle may be real but it is possible when the music gets in and the sweat flows out, just know you are doing great.

Things to Consider before buying Work Out headphones


This is the essence of the whole need for gym headphones. Since you are going to get for the exercise daily, you are going to carry these with you daily.

I have put this in the beginning on purpose because portability is everything as carrying in a pocket or in the bag will be more satisfying than carrying in hands.

Though you can do so only if your headphones are small and compact.

Based on this fact, I have finalised two headphone types as the most suitable exercising partners, check down.


Don’t mistake this size for your head with the size for portability.

Yes, portability is essential too but once you get to the exercising spot, the next thing will be using the headphones.

Hence, what to do with the easy carrying when there is no comfort altogether.

Since everyone has their natural head size, get yourself the kind of headphones that are neither too big to handle nor so small to irritate you.

headphones sizes

Image by Flicker

The ideal size is the moderate one because you will already be exercising and there will be pressure on your nerves. So the headphones should be somehow balancing.

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This pointer is interlinked with the one already described one step ahead but mentioning again anyway, the headphones or earphones should not be a weight on your head but a passion for your task.


A high time need because you will be sweating excessively once you set to work out. The headphones being there will come in contact with the sweat and if your headphones will not have innate ability to resist or endure such contact, you will not be using the same headphones the other day. That’s for sure.

The work out headphones come with the feature of IPX rating and thus for reliable resistance, it should be above 5.

Though having some does not mean you will be careless towards its maintenance, it will still be better to save your headphones from serious water contact.

Wired or Wireless:

It’s a personal inclination that suits you best but the wireless headphones are easy to use in such areas as during exercise whereas the wired ones may tangle in between and cause you trouble.


Meanwhile, don’t forget for what purpose you are spending on headphones, that’s music.

The greater the Bluetooth version, the faster the connectivity and hence the competence of the headphone would also be reliable for long.

Noise Isolation:

Great music does not seem too great until it’s just that music running inside your ears and not anything else.

It is substantial for a headphone set to let your nerves focus on the stream of labor during exercise and what will be the motivation except for music?

The detailed music will work wonders on your input power and it can only be done when you don’t know what else is happening around. Focus on your goals with the noise isolation feature.


So if you are purchasing solely for the gym, it means you are investing for a long time.

What if your headphones die before you reach your exercising goal? Such a turn off!

Therefore, to keep the headphones an everlasting exercising partner, get the ones with a maximum warranty and if the extra warranty is available, get that too.

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There is no hard and fast rule applied to the pricing while considering work out headphones because you may get a good model in cheap price and an average model in high price. But, at least narrow your budget up to $100 bucks. (You can read my another guide about noise cancelling headphones under $100)

Which headphone type should be preferred for work out?

This is an important question and therefore, as I understand this significance, I have figured out two best types indicating the requirement.

Not only shall I tell you how these are going to be the safest options, but also I will be mentioning a complete list of the best particular headphones along with the highlighted features and dimensions.

1- In-ear headphones:

In-ear earphones, these are the most initial headphone type we have used or been using since the evolution of this device. If you are reading this thread because you are deciding to get yourself one, the in-ear earphones are going to be ideal.

This is because, this headphone type, in general, swears to stay fixed in your ears as you go rough on the exercise.

2- Over-ear headphones:

Over-ear headphones are also preferred greatly for gymnastic use because these also sit tight around the ears and the head so the chances of dropping back or off are least.

The gym-craters require this support the most because exercising is not an easy task every time.

As a side bonus, the over-ear headphones are super easy to carry because these tend to fold and compact.

Top 10 Best Over- Ear headphones for Work Out

Brand NameModel No.FeaturesPrice 
BlueAntPUMP- ZONE- BRCompatible with a wide range of devices, NFC- pairing, 1- touch control, Built-in microphone, Up to 30 hours of HD playback, Foldable, etc.Check Price
BluedioT2VBCA01Supports micro SD card up to 32G, 195° rotatory design, 57mm ultra-big speaker, Standby time up to 1300 hours, Wide compatibility range, Affordable, etc.Check Price
Bose74158- 0010Up to 15 hours playtime, TriPort tech, Active EQ, Seamless switching, Wireless range up to 30 ft, Both wired and wireless, etc.Check Price
V- MODAXFBT- GUNBLACKDual- diaphragm 50mm driver, Up to 12 hours playtime, 3D mesh exterior, Sound isolation, Wireless range up to 33 ft, Superior durability, etc.Check Price
MpowPAMPBH059AB- USAA2Foldable design, Up to 20 hours of playtime, 40mm powerful neodymium drivers, Bluetooth v 4.1, Wireless range up to 33 ft, Rich bass, and clear sound, etc.Check Price
AvantreeAuditionaptX high-resolution sound, Up to 40 hours of playtime, NFC- touch connection, Soft comfortable ear pads, 2-in-1 wired and wireless, 40mm strong drivers, etc.Check Price
SonyMDR- XB950B1/BDeep extra bass, Up to 18 hours of battery life, Built-in microphone, Dominating style and looks, Available in 3 cool colors, One- touch pairing with NFC, etc.Check Price
February 2, 1900AV6EP650KBuilt-in microphone, Bluetooth v 4.1 with multiple connections, NFC and aptX tech, Foldable, Soft faux leather ear cushions, Up to 15 hours of playback time, etc.Check Price
SennheiserHD 4.40BTUp to 25 hours of battery life, Compatible with maximum devices, Bluetooth v 4.0 and NFC pairing, Intuitive ear-cup mounted control, Portable, Heavy and flawless sound, etc.Check Price
SkullcandyS6HBHY- 516Ultra-durable headband, Up to 15 hours of battery life, Synthetic leather earpads, Looks has an encouraging combination of style and color, Affordable, Built-in microphone, etc.Check Price

Top 10 Best In-ear headphones for Work Out

Brand NameModel No.FeaturesPrice 
BeatsMV6Y2LL/AAdjustable and secure fit, Sweat and water-resistant, Up to 9 hours of listening time, Volume and track control on each earbud, Noise isolation, Powerful and balanced sound, etc.Check Price
Jaybird985- 00086Find My Buds feature, Infinite EQ control, High-end 6mm drivers, Ultra-comfortable fit, Waterproof and sweat-proof, Dominant construction, etc.Check Price
Rock JawT5JAW784Water-resistant and sweatproof IPX5, HD audio, Up to 11 hours of battery life, Constructed with aircraft-grade aluminum, Supports aptX and AAC, Powerful titanium-coated diaphragm drivers, etcCheck Price
PhintonBT700BKDual MEMS microphones, Charging speaker case, Smart Assistant as Siri and Google Assistant, Balanced Armature drivers, Up to 20 hours of playtime, Comfortable fit, etc.Check Price
1MOREE1026BT- BLACKTitanium composite 7mm dynamic driver, Qualcomm chipset, Up to 24 hours of battery life, Available in a variety of colors, Quick charge capabilities, Bluetooth v 5.0, etc.Check Price
LYPERTEKLPT01BKLight and comfortable wear, IPX7 waterproof, Qualcomm Bluetooth v 5.0, CVC8.0, 800 mAh battery charging case, 6mm Graphene drivers, etcCheck Price
SennheiserCX SportBluetooth v 4.2 with a range of 10m, Sweat and splash resistant, Dynamic bass, Engineered in Germany, Frequency response range of 17- 21,000 Hz, Easy control, etc.Check Price
TOZOT1115IPX8 waterproof, 8mm speaker driver, Bluetooth v 5.0, Supports HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP, Charging case, One-step pairing, etc.Check Price
SoundcoreAK- A3263011Up to 18 hours of battery life, IPX7 waterproof, Bluetooth v 5.0, Built-in microphone, Removable earning, Carry pouch, etc.Check Price
MpowMPBH313AB- US01IPX7 sweat-proof, 25° slanting ergonomic design, Bluetooth v 5.0, Up to 300 hours of standby time, HD stereo sound, CVC6.0, etc.Check Price


According to a scientific formula assembled after definitive research, music stimulates our nerves that release the kind of hormones that activates our performing abilities to the maximum level and we spent less time focusing on the negativity and more on the positivity of what we do.

So, headphones are actually a great exercising companion.

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