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From the day the news is out, every 6 out of 10 people around me are talking about the new tech piece, Beats Solo Pro.

For the informational bit, if you are surprisingly still unaware of the fact, Beats has a back of Apple.

You know, mastermind.

Luke Wood, president of the Beats headphone production, has restrained somewhat elevated hopes with this launch.

Beats Solo Pro is exceptional from all angles and thus he seems to achieve the desired outcomes attached with the inauguration, gradually.

Up with the H1 chip, they have not by any means, disappointed the Android users and the chip is valid on both sides.

With the weight of just 9 ounces that makes up around 255 grams, these are not too light and not too heavy.

But a perfect fit to carry on.

Beats Solo Pro: Latest in town got its outlines disclosed in this Review!

Well, I have an obvious impression of how the recent, though not final, inauguration of Beats Solo Pro has left ants in your pants for the definite acknowledgment of its pros and cons.

I warmly value your sentiments on this event and so here you go with the unveiling surprise you have been yearning for.


Unboxing the first encounter

Right after you open the box and pull out the protective pouch, oh my, the very first feel.

For the time being, you will not dare to hurry to unzip the pouch and extract the headphones out of it.

But you will actually skip the sense of hastiness that had taken over you with the constant holdup.

Instead, you will want to lose yourself in the fluffy and delicate touch within its texture, turn by turn in both hands.

The brand has conveyed to have it formed with recycled plastic, and I believe the intellects never miss a chance to surprise us.

The black-grayish colored pouch maintains the headphones securely inside it.

Also the instant plus serious observation I had among the pouches of the headphones I have used hitherto, the other pouches lack this kind of wimpiness outright.

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The on-ear headphones have a metal frame used around the sliding headband which is now by far so prominent.

Then, the sluggish ear pads are the modern pillows for the ears which lets the comfort linger inside and around while you make the best of your time.

The across-the-board structure is so comprehensive with the designed lines and the logo on the rear of pads has its distinctive grace.

Boasts aside, a mere first look is ample to drive you mad after it.


I, by fact, wholeheartedly encourage the brand’s attention towards the presentation of arousing and fresh colors other than the mere and mainstream black and white.

The newest set is now handy in six colors such as Black, Gray, Ivory, Light Blue, Dark blue, and Red.

Thanks to Pharrell Williams for the lively contribution in the rise of three colors out of these six.

Noise Cancellation

The brand only had in hand the passive noise cancellation for a showcase to the world till the last model but the current appearance with the full ANC is so on point to surprise the users, worldwide.

So it is now boosted with active plus passive noise cancellation hence prolonging the impact of sound delivery and focusing solely on the central point.



Amidst the modernity, the music control is still dedicated to the right ear traditionally.

Have to adjust the volume?

Make your hands reach up to the back of the right ear cup just as you are used to.

This model is embedded with three listening modes to toggle between.

Keep switching to reach the desired mode and double click the toggle to call the mode off.

Noise Cancellation:

Turn this ON for a complete blocking experience towards the outside noise, the performance is at its peak since this ANC feature is a newborn.


There still is a great deal of seal against the unwanted sounds but you can easily listen to the important announcements and statements on purpose.

This is to enhance the experience without indulging in the usual performance.

Beats Solo Pro Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

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Extended Power:

This mode is a cut to the last both modes, however, the chief purpose is to extend the power, the battery timing.


Bye-bye to the conventional power button, there is a new approach to meet this time and this is the way these headphones are turned ON.

Unlike the prior sets, there is no special button to click hold for switching the headphones ON.

Unfold: Your headphones are turned ON successfully, all set for the race.

Fold back: Your headphones are turned OFF successfully, back to rest.

Simply this easy.


So the Beats Solo Pro is qualified with not three, not four, not five, but six microphones.

All these mics collectively partake in strengthening the potential adroitness as you go on listening and talking.

That being said, the quality microphones hold up the power of sound which is quite evident in this model.

With the premium ear cup lock, the sound signals seem to be transformed straight from the mouth of the speaker. Like there is no source as such headphones in between.

Similarly, the musical waves too, melt and move inside your ear canals as the instrument is being played right in front of you.

I could not help but admire the kind of magical first-hand experience while listening to my favorite track through it.


People have been complaining hard about the awful bass coverage in the older models.

Refraining from brag, the bass is high, low, and quite adjustable with the right tune, the right rhythm, right up and right down. Bass is perfect in Solo Pro.


If we link the record of longevity of previous Solo 3 with the latter Solo Pro, the hopes should be high on account of possible durability in exposition, battery, and maintenance


The Beats Solo Pro wireless headphones enable quick connection, most precisely, the within-blink connection is the right term to imply.

Well, say hello to Apple’s H1 wireless chip for promoting the needed rapidity.

Let the hint of the Apple device or AirPods sweep through the system of the headphone set being nearer, it will connect without wasting the next half-second.

Once this happened, the connectivity will spontaneously float to the other saved devices through the iCloud acting as a bridge.

Not to forget, pay your greets to Siri, Hey Siri.

Charging and Battery

The charging demands USB- A cable and the lightning connector to accumulate power for the performance.

Some may miss the versatility of USB- C cable here and we should have seen coming it for sure.

The iPhone users like me are in a clear loss here as it is the time to forget the decency approved by a 3.5 mm plug.

The engineers did not neglect our need for a sudden battery booster and hence a 10-minutes charge lands you 2 to 3 hours of swift working life.

Though a complete charge facilitates 22 hours of timing, in case the hunger has increased and you want more, turn off the active modes.

And doing so will impart you an extra 18 hours of power.

Beats Solo Pro headphones review

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From the view of Sports:

One of the best things that happened to the newly born set by developers is the ability to form an invisible lock around your ears.

So there is no possible way out for the music to leak and noise to enter.

Consequently, their sound and your attention belong to where it is supposed to be.

People from all the areas of life always have a soft corner towards Beats products and that includes sportsmen also.

The release of sweat can not be escaped and one often feels as if someone has splashed a glass of water over your headphones. I feel so.

The manufacturers have tried their best to resolve this itchy issue with the improved material to act against the water intrusion.

Run fast or exercise unevenly, these headphones will be glued against your ears plus the ear cushions are the added smoothness to the normal use.

For heavy users, take breaks within as it is not so comfortable for constantly-constant activity.


Just with 300 bucks in hand, you can possess the proficiency of Apple’s latest spirit warmer.

You know it’s the latest and the folks would not have resisted buying it even at 400 or 500 bucks.

But with the draw of updated facets, it’s a great price to pay.

Beats Studio 3 VS Beats Solo Pro

A sincere note for the kind of audience eagerly waiting for Apple to come up with a new launch so they can buy the older models at lesser rates. It’s your time.

The latest Beats Solo are 50 bucks inexpensive than Beats Studio 3, that’s strange and promising at the same time.

So if you happen to wield the headphones almost around the clock, hardly away for a minute, you may approve of the former Studio 3 more than Solo Pro. The personal preferences still vary, but chances are high.

This is because of the comfort, the comfort zone your ears are entitled to be blessed with.

I can define my experience between both with the statement that, Studio 3 stay on point around your ears without tiring or even pushing the organ.

Whereas, Solo Pro also stays on point but pushes the organ, the ear, a bit in a manner that you just can’t stand it for a longer time.

You know, comfort comes first.

Though both are equally capable of keeping your interest and love intact with its use so you better decide your next purchase after pondering below two.

1- A regular use will love Beats Studio 3 at the end of the day.

2- An on and off user should better make an easy and in-budget choice by saving $50 and opting the Beats Solo Pro

Therefore, if your love for bass dominates every other factor, consider the new launch.


If this introductory review has succeeded in convincing you with the newest idea which is not yet out completely, you can pre-order now for the shipment due on 30th October.

Otherwise, wait a little more to see and hear from as many experts before you make the investment of this year.

Beats Solo Pro Review

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